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Posted: August 17, 2009 05:06 pm (-05:00)
Danny Coleman
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Lakewood, NJ Recording Artists Stolen Rhodes
[Chorus and Verse] Blog | Danny Coleman | August 17, 2009

Hey Rock 'n' Rollers!

If you missed SUMMERSTOCK '09 at KATMANDU in Trenton, NJ this past Sunday you missed a great time! The weather was hot, but the bands were even more so! Ten bands from all across the state of New Jersey donated their time to this fundraising concert event benefitting OFFICER DOWN NJ.

Officer Down NJ provides financial aide to law enforcement officers and their families where the officers have either given their lives or have become permanently disabled. Over the past seven years, this great charity has raised over $250,000 for distribution. Once I obtain some figures from this years event I'll pass them along to all of you.

If you wish to obtain more information or donate to this cause you may contact them at

Last night on the latest installment of ROCK ON RADIO my guests were Lakewood, NJ recording artists STOLEN RHODES ( I was joined by guitarist and lead vocalist Matt Pillion, bassist Dan Haase, and guitarist Kevin Cunningham. Unfortunately, drummer John Grill could not be present.

STOLEN RHODES, in its current form, is the product of many years and few changes. Matt, Dan and John have played together since their days at Lakewood High School, sort of going their separate ways in college. You see, all four present members went to Berkeley School of Music in Boston, MA. However, as with most things in life, time and tastes differ. The original three founding members kind of drifted apart, playing in different bands and experiencing new things. Haase spent time in a country and western band, even sporting his authentic Stetson hat for all of my radio listeners. Grill and Pillion bounced around in various projects and Cunningham moved out to Los Angeles to pursue his musical aspirations.

Funny thing, though, how there really is "no place like home." The original three began to play together once again and, early in 2008, they re-formed as STOLEN RHODES. Haase remembered Cunningham, his old friend from Berkeley, and he enlisted his services in February of 2009.

Soon thereafter, they went into the recording studio, and in May of this year released their first EP entitled "From The Dark Side of 88". This five-song CD is available presently on iTunes. If interested in contacting them, please do so either through their above highlighted Myspace page, or at

Next week on ROCK ON RADIO, my guests are Bucks County, PA rockers 4 STAR ( They'll be discussing their self-titled CD as well as upcoming gigs.

Until then, turn on Sunday nights at 10pm EST, tune into and ... as always ... ROCK ON!

Danny Coleman
Danny Coleman is a central Jersey resident and a long-time area musician. He is currently the host of Rock On Radio which airs Sunday evenings at 10pm (EST) on
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