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Posted: September 29, 2009 03:58 pm (-05:00)
Danny Coleman
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Promoter Terry Loda of Dead Scene Productions
[Chorus and Verse] Blog | Danny Coleman | September 29, 2009

This past Sunday was my twenty-first installment of ROCK ON RADIO. It was also the first time that I've had guests cancel on me at the last minute, literally. Yes, due to "scheduling conflicts" and "illness," I was in a bind. Fortunately for me, all three of my guests did not cancel. Show promoter TERRY LODA of DEAD SCENE PRODUCTIONS ( stepped up to the plate and hit a home run for promoters, indie artists, and the original music scene in general.

Terry began promoting shows three years ago at the urging of his drummer friend Mike Soganic (Swashbuckle). Loda, working as a bartender at the ALL CALL INN in Ewing, NJ, was approached by Soganic about Swashbuckle doing a show at that venue. He spoke with the bar's owner and ALL CALL INN ORIGINAL SUNDAY SHOWS was born! For Loda this combined his love of original indie music with his desire to get into the music business. He saw this as an opportunity to bring original music back to the Trenton, NJ area, an area that after the 1997 closing of the very popular original music venue CITY GARDENS was termed a "DEAD SCENE."

Using this term as a catalyst, Loda formed Dead Scene Productions and began booking shows not only at the All Call Inn but at CHAMPIONSHIPS SPORTS BAR in Trenton, NJ, and currently in Lawrence, NJ at McGuinn's Place as well. Loda spoke fondly of some of his accomplishments in the three brief years of Dead Scene's existence. He spoke well of the bonds that he's formed with other promoters, the national acts that he's booked, as well as just the enjoyment (and frustration) of dealing with people in the industry.

He cites bringing MURPHY'S LAW back to Trenton for the first time in fifteen years, booking ANTHRAX front man JOEY BELLADONNA, and having DIZZY REED of GUNS 'N' ROSES as several of his best shows to date.

Terry also talked of what it's like to deal with the the various personalities involved in the industry. "Bands can be tough. For every good one that comes through and is cooperative, you get one(s) that can be just the opposite."

There was a stretch he recalls where after dealing with several "divas" he went home and began to "rant" about what to expect from the promoter if you're playing in an original music band. This quickly became a ten-point commentary that he posted as a bulletin on Myspace. The response was overwhelming from both musicians and promoters alike. This was posted and reposted over and over again. He received kudos from all over the globe and continues to do so today. The "rant" is posted as a blog on the Dead Scene Myspace page for all who care to view it.

Loda also offered some words of advice for acts when I asked him about working or cross promoting with other promoters. He simply stated "word travels." He said that "if an act or a band is 'difficult to work with,' promoters alert one another to that fact." The proverbial "black list" can sometimes come into play. So, think twice my fellow musicians before you wrong your promoter.

Loda's love of original music and his desire to bring back a DEAD SCENE have led him to be a promoter. He confessed that he rarely profits from any of his shows. Sometimes even reaching into his own pocket to fill contractual commitments. However, he feels that he's doing exactly what he's aimed to do, reviving a Dead Scene. Through his efforts, Terry has opened up original shows at three venues and has contacts at many more.

To play in the Trenton, NJ area at any of the Dead Scene venues, or to find out about others, contact Terry today!

This Sunday at 10pm EST on my guest on ROCK ON RADIO is solo acoustic artist ARNIE BAIRD (

Turn on... Tune in... and, as always... ROCK ON!

Danny Coleman
Danny Coleman is a central Jersey resident and a long-time area musician. He is currently the host of Rock On Radio which airs Sunday evenings at 10pm (EST) on
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