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Posted: October 27, 2009 04:18 pm (-05:00)
Danny Coleman
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Jam Band/Acoustic Artist Jason Ager
[Chorus and Verse] Blog | Danny Coleman | October 27, 2009

JASON AGER came to ROCK ON RADIO from Baltimore, MD, via Philadelphia, PA. Raised in "The Great Northeast" part of Philly, Ager currently resides in Baltimore.

This singer/songwriter, who describes himself as a "jam band/acoustic" artist, has an energetic style that, in his own words, has a "unique ring." After viewing his guitar playing first hand, I must agree with him.

Inspired by an older brother, Ager taught himself how to play at the age of fourteen. Never really taking to cover material, he began writing and playing his own songs as soon as he had a comprehension of the fret board. He uses a combination of open and bar chords as well as a "unique" slapping style that produces a rocking, energetic, yet what can best be described as "choppy flow," to his compositions. Throw in some syncopated vocals and you have a recipe for straight-forward rock 'n' roll with a definite twist.

After a stint in college, Ager went to Austria on a Fellowship Grant where he spent a year further learning to speak German and playing his guitar.

Upon returning from Austria, he spent a year at home in Philadelphia. Here, he reconnected with his old high school buddy, bass guitarist Austin O'Connor. The two added drummer/percussionist Sheri Gallagher, and "Jason Ager and the Clothes Off Pose Off Band" was formed. According to Ager, the fact that the trio is separated by distance does not interfere at all. They keep a regular rehearsal and gig schedule.

Jason also does solo gigs in and around the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area. One particular showcase that he's involved with is called "The Nine." This is the brain child of fellow D.C. musician Justin Trawick. "The Nine" assembled some of the finest local talent from that area. This three-hour show generated so much interest from musicians outside the area that requests began coming in to take the show on the road. They now do shows in Richmond, VA, Baltimore, MD, and coming soon to Philadelphia.

Ager has also just completed his first CD, set for a Dec./Jan. release. It's titled "Lunch Date."

If interested in checking out Jason Ager, you may do so at Here you can also find links to "The Nine."

This week on ROCK ON RADIO my guest is Toms River, NJ, alternative pop/rock artist KERRI EDELMAN (

ROCK ON RADIO can also now be heard every Tuesday afternoon at 2pm EST on Hamilton Radio. That is correct, I've been picked up by another station as well.

Tune in live on Sunday night at 10pm EST and listen to the replay on Tuesdays on


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Danny Coleman is a central Jersey resident and a long-time area musician. He is currently the host of Rock On Radio which airs Sunday evenings at 10pm (EST) on
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