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Posted: November 24, 2009 05:16 pm (-06:00)
Danny Coleman
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Americomica Band The Boomers
 [Chorus and Verse] Blog | Danny Coleman | November 24, 2009

This past Sunday I was joined live in studio by two of the members of "Americomica" band THE BOOMERS (

These seasoned rockers pride themselves on relaying their experiences in life, music, and relationships through their songs. Comprised of five veteran rockers, THE BOOMERS are making waves throughout the area. They feature material written from a middle-aged males' perspective. With songs like "I'm So Fat," "I'll Never Retire" and "Little Blue Pill," it's easy to see from where they draw their inspiration.

Confessing to me on air that THE BOOMERS were formed due to a complaint session after "a particularly bad gig," founders vocalist/saxophonist JOE GRILLO (formerly of Ricochet) and drummer/comedian DENNIS CARMELLA (Sam The Band) decided to put together a band where they could just "complain about stuff!" They decided that the idea was just "stupid enough to work" and THE BOOMERS were born.

Joe and Dennis soon added keyboardist BOBBY BRESCIA, guitarist JOEY LAFRAGOLA and bassist GUY PETERSON to round out the cast of characters. In studio, I was joined by Grillo and Carmella, who are the creative minds behind the music. Taking the the lead in this category is Grillo. He is the writer of the group's music and lyrics, leaving the others to add their personal touches.

Grillo writes about things that are all age appropriate to the "Baby Boom" generation. Things such as hip replacements, hair loss, loss of self esteem, memory lapses, and something he calls "mental pause." He also touches on taxes, Viagra, and kids, to name several more. They seem to somehow manage to put all of these subjects into humorous light, and do so in numerous styles of musical format.

Their full-length CD released earlier this year, "NOT QUITE DEAD YET," features songs like "I'll Never Retire" (sung by Carmella) which is a reggae number. "I'm So Fat" has a fifties-style flare to it. "The Boomers Theme" has an eighties punky kind of feel and "I Still Have You" is a straightforward bluesy rocker that has an opening line of "I dropped my cell phone in the toilet." Using other lines like: "Too young for Medicare and too old for chicks to care," they inject adult theme and humor into every track!

THE BOOMER EXPERIENCE is what they call their shows. Unlike most acts, they make their live performances a total BOOMER evening. Their shows open with a DJ playing music and videos from the '60s and '70s, followed by at least a forty-five minute set, a brief DJ-filled intermission, and another forty-five minute set. "Dancing is highly encouraged" at all of their shows. During the show, they use interactive video, comedy and still pictures to increase audience participation.

THE BOOMERS are currently negotiating on several fronts to bring their brand of unique music to the masses. They are wide open for booking and love to play at private functions, class reunions, fundraisers, and active adult communities. Contact them at their website for more information on shows and bookings. Their CD is also available for purchase on all of the usual outlets!

Also, I received a call from comedian Matt Bridgestone while on the air. He is performing with wrestling legend KING KONG BUNDY on 11/28 at CHASERS in Keansburg, NJ. As a promotional give away, the first twenty people who send an e-mail to with the subject line ROCK ON RADIO will get FREE tickets to this event. Do not fret, because anyone after the first twenty people can still receive discounted tickets just by mentioning ROCK ON RADIO.

I then received a call from Los Angeles from Nathan and Clark of the "GOOD LISTENERS." They've just recently been signed to Three Fingers Records which is the new label from actor Billy Bob Thornton. A new CD release and upcoming documentary are in the works from these West Coast artists.

This Sunday, Nov. 29, I'm joined by experimental rockers SLEEPERS WAKE. These young, talented musicians from Hopewell, NJ, are a staple on the NYC club scene.

Turn on at 10pm EST to to hear this week's LIVE broadcast. Catch ROCK ON RADIO again on Tuesdays at 2pm EST and Saturdays at noon on Then again on Thursdays at 1pm and 8pm EST on as well as free downloads available on

Turn on... Tune in... and, as always... ROCK ON!

Danny Coleman
Danny Coleman is a central Jersey resident and a long-time area musician. He is currently the host of Rock On Radio which airs Sunday evenings at 10pm (EST) on
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