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Posted: January 8, 2010 07:58 am (-06:00)
Introducing: Veazey
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Ubiquitous. While it is something I have yet to achieve, that word will soon delineate the singer-songwriter known solely as Veazey.

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Kyle Veazey, but I am known on stage simply as Veazey. I am a musician, a true renaissance man, a cancer survivor, and a double stroke survivor.

I am a Country musician without any uncertainty. However, my influences range from Hank Williams to Alice Cooper. I am a comedian, as well a musician, and I am known to have the audience to sing along with me.

Matt has graciously allowed me to be a blogger for Chorus and Verse, to which I say, "I salute you." I was also informed that a certain blogger for Chorus and Verse has an Internet radio show, and that I should look into getting on his show, to which I say, "Danny, hook a brotha up."

I'll be writing on a few different topics with an emphasis on Country music. Some of these topics will be interviews, concert reviews, and album and single reviews. My favorite topic will be a review on a venue from an artist's perspective called "The Writer's Review". This will be based on the experience I had performing at venues across the country. For information on booking me at your venue, please email me at

You can read more about me by going to my website at If you have iTunes, you can go straight to my music page by typing in on your Internet browser. I look forward to gaining fans of my blog and hopefully gaining fans of my music.

In closing, I will have a tradition of quoting a famous line in a song followed by a story. This week's closer comes from my all-time favorite musician to show the utmost respect for what would be his 75th birthday this month. It comes from the song entitled "Welcome To My World", and says "Miracles I guess / Still happen now and then."

People have called me a walking miracle since my stroke, and while at first it was vexatious to hear, after I really started to think about what it meant to be a miracle in people's eyes, I was very thankful to be able to be an inspiration to other individuals. I hope I can be an encouragement to all of you reading my blogs.

And remember, ask yourself, "Are You With The Z?'"

Making a name for oneself in the music industry can be quite challenging. Thankfully, overcoming challenges is nothing new for singer/songwriter Kyle Veazey. Now in his early 20s, Veazey was diagnosed with metastatic thyroid cancer at barely 11 years old and over a seven year period courageously faced three cancer surgeries and radiation treatments, as well as countless blood tests and imaging procedures. In addition, Veazey was found to have a benign brain tumor when he was 15 and needed two brain surgeries to successfully remove it. Unfortunately, the second surgery was complicated post-operatively by two strokes, leaving him completely paralyzed on his right side. Again faced with a major challenge at a young age, Veazey, through the grace of God and help of family members and physical, occupational, and speech therapists, regained the abilities to speak, walk, and have limited function of his right arm. Perhaps the most daunting challenge for Veazey was re-learning to play the guitar with a paralyzed right hand, which he did successfully through much prayer, perseverance, and creativity. Today, Veazey plays guitar and has written and recorded numerous country and praise and worship songs, several of which are available on iTunes. While he has met one goal of writing for an online music magazine, "Chorus and Verse," Veazey's other goals include securing a measure of success as an independent artist and having his songs recorded by other artists. While those goals may be daunting for others, for Veazey they are just more of life's challenges waiting to be overcome!
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Introducing: Veazey
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