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Posted: January 11, 2010 07:39 am (-06:00)
VH1 Is Composed Of A Flock Of Idiots
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I just finished watching the new VH1 special 100 Most Shocking Music Moments and, frankly, I am shocked at the stupidity of Video History 1. I won't go into all the cases, but I will touch the most outrageous.

First is the biggest overlook of a musical travesty, the death of Elvis ranked at 28. Now I know not everyone agrees that Elvis is the greatest musician of all time. I'll give you that one because I do agree that there certainly have been more musically talented people, but Elvis created a new genre of music - period. He didn't take Country and make it Alternative Country. He didn't take Blues and make it Alternative Blues. He took bits and pieces of different genres and made Rock 'n' Roll which would lead to The Who inventing Punk and The Beatles inventing Alternative. I could go on for days about why Elvis is in a league all to himself, but I'll spare you. All I'll say is his death shocked the world.

Which leads me to my next beef with VH1, 75. Aaliyah Plane Crash. Do they have a annual concert for Aaliyah to remember her revolutionary singing? No. Why? Cause she was a singer who did nothing to change music. Was she good? Yes. Was she hot? I guess. Did she revive the essence of RnB? No. The plane crash or, excuse me, helicopter crash, that should be on the list is SRV's helicopter crash of 1990.

Stevie Ray Vaughan made blues popular again. Not only that, he was one of the greatest guitar players of all time. He revolutionized music to the point that people starting playing guitar just so they could be like him. He has a memorial concert every year for crying out loud! Do you see a signature Aaliyah microphone? No. Do you see a signature SRV Fender Strat? Yes. This just solidifies the fact that VH1 is lead by a bunch of idiots.

My last issue with the countdown will make some mad, but here goes.

The fact that Kurt Cobain's suicide was rated higher than the death of Elvis is atrocious, and whoever threw that idea out there should be fired. Kurt Cobain is the most overrated musician ever. He was rated number 14 on the 100 Greatest Guitar Players by Rolling Stone. Was Nirvana good? Yes. Was Cobain good? Yes, but he wasn't great. He never did an Eddie Van Halen, two minute guitar solo. He never played the guitar behind his back. His song lyrics made no sense. He was an average person who shot himself because he was too stupid to realize that he was a god to the depressed, angry, alternative youth of America at the time. He was an average guitar player who shouldn't even be on the list of greatest guitar players, and the fact that his death was ranked higher than Elvis' confirms that he is overrated.

Kurt Cobain's death was a big deal in the 90's and today, but you don't see stations having birthday TV specials every year for him. You don't have tours of his house and major companies forming with his name on it. Should he be on the list? Yes. Should his death be in the Top 20. Most definitely. But should he be up there with the likes of John Lennon and Michael Jackson? That's an obvious answer.

Sean Penn said it best when he made a comment about VH1 at The Who celebration concert. Crazy or not, he hit it dead on when he called the Video History 1 channel a sell out.

And remember, ask yourself, "Are You With The Z?"

Making a name for oneself in the music industry can be quite challenging. Thankfully, overcoming challenges is nothing new for singer/songwriter Kyle Veazey. Now in his early 20s, Veazey was diagnosed with metastatic thyroid cancer at barely 11 years old and over a seven year period courageously faced three cancer surgeries and radiation treatments, as well as countless blood tests and imaging procedures. In addition, Veazey was found to have a benign brain tumor when he was 15 and needed two brain surgeries to successfully remove it. Unfortunately, the second surgery was complicated post-operatively by two strokes, leaving him completely paralyzed on his right side. Again faced with a major challenge at a young age, Veazey, through the grace of God and help of family members and physical, occupational, and speech therapists, regained the abilities to speak, walk, and have limited function of his right arm. Perhaps the most daunting challenge for Veazey was re-learning to play the guitar with a paralyzed right hand, which he did successfully through much prayer, perseverance, and creativity. Today, Veazey plays guitar and has written and recorded numerous country and praise and worship songs, several of which are available on iTunes. While he has met one goal of writing for an online music magazine, "Chorus and Verse," Veazey's other goals include securing a measure of success as an independent artist and having his songs recorded by other artists. While those goals may be daunting for others, for Veazey they are just more of life's challenges waiting to be overcome!
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