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Posted: January 17, 2010 06:46 pm (-06:00)
First Interview And Talking With PR Firms
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Hola to everybody in Internet land! Just wanted to give ya'll (yes, ya'll, I am from Georgia after all) an update on the V to the Z.

Well, first off, I had my first interview with a country artist this past Monday. It was awesome! Not only was it my first interview with a country artist, it was also the first one-on-one conversation I'd ever had with a celebrity. It was too cool! Later that day, I got a call from Loudmouth Entertainment. I had called several labels trying to set up interviews with other artists and Loudmouth works with Broken Bow Records, home to Jason Aldean. The conversation started out kind of shaky but, by the end, both of us were quoting lines from Tommy Boy and The Hangover. I may not be good at a ton of stuff, but I sure am good at selling myself. Haha.

As the conversation was drawing to a close, she just happened to say, "... so, yeah, I'll definitely add you to our press list so you can get free albums to review and free tickets to shows in Nashville to do concert reviews." As cliché as it is, I can't help but say OMG!

Tuesday rolls around and I would yet again get a dose of sheer exhilaration. I got an email from Matt saying he didn't think a blog would be a good spot for an interview since blogs are more opinions, sooooo instead he typed, "if the interview is written well enough I'll publish it." I'm not exactly sure about this, but does that mean what I think it means Matt? ($$$?) Matt even said that if I keep doing these interviews and they're all good enough to publish, he might give me a title with Chorus and Verse, something like "Country Music Writer". Does that mean I'd have a real job? Fingers crossed!

Lastly, Wednesday was a big day. I called Warner Brothers and Lyric Street Records to see about getting an interview with Blake Shelton (Warner Brothers) and Sarah Buxton (Lyric Street Records). Warner Brothers said the message was passed to media and is in negotiation.

Lyric Street wants me to send them information about Chorus and Verse. If everything looks good to PR (public relations), they'll try and set up an interview within the next month! Once again, OMG!!!

The cream cheese icing on this red velvet cake was the fact that I was able to become Facebook friends with not only the owner of Loudmouth Entertainment, but Emily West, a real country artist! Emily and I go back a couple years. When she was just starting her career as a signed artist, I got the chance to open for her at the annual rodeo in Ringgold, GA. Hopefully I'll be able to set up an interview with her as well as a buddy of the Loudmouth owner by the name of James Otto!

God has really blessed me this week. All I have to say is wow!!!!!!

As you may have noticed, country music is my main style, but that doesn't mean it's my only style. I recently posted a new single on iTunes entitled "Rolling Stone," an alternative, Radiohead-inspired rock song about a soldier getting more than he bargained for. You can go directly to my iTunes store by typing into your web browser. You can hear a full-length sample by going to my website. The address is

And remember, ask yourself, "Are You With The Z?"

Making a name for oneself in the music industry can be quite challenging. Thankfully, overcoming challenges is nothing new for singer/songwriter Kyle Veazey. Now in his early 20s, Veazey was diagnosed with metastatic thyroid cancer at barely 11 years old and over a seven year period courageously faced three cancer surgeries and radiation treatments, as well as countless blood tests and imaging procedures. In addition, Veazey was found to have a benign brain tumor when he was 15 and needed two brain surgeries to successfully remove it. Unfortunately, the second surgery was complicated post-operatively by two strokes, leaving him completely paralyzed on his right side. Again faced with a major challenge at a young age, Veazey, through the grace of God and help of family members and physical, occupational, and speech therapists, regained the abilities to speak, walk, and have limited function of his right arm. Perhaps the most daunting challenge for Veazey was re-learning to play the guitar with a paralyzed right hand, which he did successfully through much prayer, perseverance, and creativity. Today, Veazey plays guitar and has written and recorded numerous country and praise and worship songs, several of which are available on iTunes. While he has met one goal of writing for an online music magazine, "Chorus and Verse," Veazey's other goals include securing a measure of success as an independent artist and having his songs recorded by other artists. While those goals may be daunting for others, for Veazey they are just more of life's challenges waiting to be overcome!
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