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Posted: February 9, 2010 05:50 pm (-06:00)
Danny Coleman
Musician/Radio Show Host
Alternative/Hard Rock Band Reckless

The members of the alternative/hard rock band RECKLESS range in age from eighteen to twenty-two. Their youthful exuberance not only came through in my interview with them, but does so very much in their music.

These four band mates, who hail from Trenton, NJ and the surrounding area, have been friends since they were school chums.

Bass player NICK MIGLIARESE, who is the grand old man of the band (he's 22 years of age), took the role as the main spokesman for the evening. He explained the band's Chambersburg roots. The band formed in 2006 when drummer BRUCE JENNINGS, guitarist ANTHONY MARTUCCI (a.k.a. ANT), and guitarist/lead vocalist GREG RECCHIA, began playing and practicing in "the shed." They jokingly referred to themselves as a "shed band" and not a garage band. MIGLIARESE, who was originally a drummer, went over to see what his friend ANT was up to in that shed. Noticing that they needed a bass player; he decided to give it a try. The rest, as they say, "was history."

Three out of the four unanimously named Blink-182 as their main musical influence. MARTUCCI named The Beatles as his number one influence. This was somewhat obvious in his harmonies during a live in-studio performance of "Look How Far," which is off of their first, and to date only, studio album entitled "THE BREAK." This eleven-song CD is a well-produced effort that has a little bit of something for everyone. There's straight-forward hard rockers, there is a track with a rap section mixed in, and a poignant song ("Too Young To Go"), which was written and dedicated to a friend who passed away "way too early." No matter what the track, as I said earlier, they are all filled with enthusiasm. Every cut is full of energy and driving rifts.

In four short years, they've gone from "the shed" to headlining at the famed Philadelphia rock club, The Trocadero. RECKLESS is currently working on a second studio release. This time, they tell me, it's only going to be an EP.

Take a look at RECKLESS at or e-mail them at Their music can be heard on their Myspace page or at Their CD, "THE BREAK," is available on iTunes,, and CD Baby.

This Sunday, Feb. 14, my guest is Cherry Hill, NJ songwriter/vocalist BD MYLO ( This young blues/country artist has a voice that's velvety smoothe.

Turn on... tune in... and, as always... ROCK ON!

Danny Coleman
Danny Coleman is a central Jersey resident and a long-time area musician. He is currently the host of Rock On Radio which airs Sunday evenings at 10pm (EST) on
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