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Posted: March 24, 2010 01:59 pm (-05:00)
James Dalton
What To Choose?

As some of you may have been following my "not so frequent blogs updates" of late, you may notice a change. I am busy, or at least trying to be busy. I don't want to sound like a broken record in this entry, but I asked for it, and I got it. I wanted to start my career over again and get things moving, to get back on the road, to celebrate a big numbered birthday at the beginning of March with a whole new focus. That's what I had wanted... and that's what I got!

James Dalton the artist went after a lot of things, and instead of using this blog as a forum to make announcements, I'll just mention a few things that I guess you could say I succeeded in getting off the ground. Of course, getting something off the ground is always a process, even 'til the last minute before the gig starts.

But still, I decided to go back over and do a very cool, independent tour of Germany, since it had been ages since I played for the audiences there and, boom, I've got some great venues booked.

I had been thinking about experimenting with band lineups for different shows for different feelings and settings and, boom, I am up to Boston this weekend to do some onstage collaborating with the Adaptables on their home turf.

I've been writing new songs, meeting new people, exploring further different facets of the business. Indie Solutions, my little consulting company, has been assisting a few "venues" in finding and developing new talent.

"OFFSEASON," the two-man poetry and spoken word show that was launched this past December with Chris Rockwell has started to take off, with bigger and more enthusiastic audiences with each new performance.

Incidentally, we've got a special show on April 3rd, the kick-off party to National Poetry Month as well as being Asbury Park's opening day of its First Saturday season. Not to be MISSED!

Anyway, I am just trying to say that if you focus, and if you really want to get things together, you can. I feel like I didn't do as much as I could have for the last couple years, and now, when I look at the schedule ahead of me, I can tell you, I feel good about what I am doing.

After this blog, I am going to be changing the subject a little. I've got a few words with Stu Coogan from 90.5 The Night to get posted up here, a Boston-area wrap up, or travel guide, or... something about Boston. Maybe you can help? If I spend a few days up that way, what shall I cover here?

Thanks for stopping in!

James Dalton
James Dalton is a New Jersey-based singer/songwriter/performer that has had his ups and downs but still pushes forward and stuff.
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