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Posted: April 7, 2010 12:32 pm (-05:00)
Danny Coleman
Musician/Radio Show Host
Joe Kildea Finally Goes Solo

Veteran Trenton, NJ-area musician and singer/songwriter JOE KILDEA was the guest of ROCK ON RADIO this past Sunday evening. This long-time friend and band mate of yours truly has decided to finally launch a long-awaited solo career.

A long-time songwriter, first as one of the front men for the band VALHALLA, then as a co-writer with another Trenton-area veteran musician Tom Glover, KILDEA, whose song repertoire numbers in the low hundreds, is currently organizing his catalog and beginning production on his first solo CD.

KILDEA draws his inspirations from his past, present and relationships. When we were in Valhalla as young musicians starting out, I would always apply some good-natured ribbing about what I used to call "sappy" love songs. But KILDEA always had (and still has) a knack for laying his emotions out on the table with his songwriting. Whether it's a song that draws from a broken relationship (Broken Dreams), or "the one that got away" (Come Along), or the rocking tune (Still Hungry), which is about a childhood friend whose brother was a number one ranked lightweight boxing contender, KILDEA puts so much raw emotion into his songwriting that it's difficult not to visualize where he's come from.

Growing up as one of seven kids in a tougher section of Trenton, KILDEA attended the local catholic schools. He and a fellow classmate used to listen to, and were influenced by, early Beatles records. It was this which led them to purchasing their own acoustic guitars. Never taking any formal lessons, they bought a book of guitar chords from the local (now defunct) music store, and taught themselves how to play by following the chords and deciphering those same Beatle records.

However, as the Beatles began to give way to harder rock, and Joe began to discover a desire to write and perform, his focus became more intense by the day. As one of the driving songwriting forces behind Valhalla's music, KILDEA began to evolve as a songwriter, in particular as a lyricist. Strong, picturesque, lyrical content is what he brought and still brings to the table. When listening to his music, his words often times paint pictures in the mind's eye. Descriptive is a good adjective for KILDEA's music.

Now, in his first attempt at a solo career, he's begun to assemble some old material, as well as some more recent songs, in an effort to lay down his musical life's story. Unfortunately, he has nothing available for purchase or download as of yet, as several of my foreign listeners discovered.

Several requests came through as to where they could purchase his music. Currently, it can be heard on his Myspace page at or catch JOE KILDEA live, as he's a regular every Tuesday night at The Cellar @ The Hamilton Manor on Rtes. 130/156 in Yardville NJ.

KILDEA also will be making appearances at the Indie Acoustic Songwriters Showcase at Katmandu in Trenton, NJ, which is held on Wednesday nights starting at 7pm EST. Check the schedule for his appearances.

This Sunday, April 11, fellow Chorus and Verse blogger and great musician JAMES DALTON will be my guest on ROCK ON RADIO. This amazingly talented singer/songwriter will be a treat to talk with.

Turn on... tune in... and ROCK ON!

Danny Coleman
Danny Coleman is a central Jersey resident and a long-time area musician. He is currently the host of Rock On Radio which airs Sunday evenings at 10pm (EST) on
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