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Posted: June 9, 2010 07:42 am (-05:00)
Danny Coleman
Musician/Radio Show Host
JAMFEST 4 Month Kicks-Off With Midnite Sages

This past Sunday, June the 6th kicked off JAMFEST 4 month on ROCK ON RADIO! KURT HESSE has put this successful rock festival together now for the fourth consecutive year.

This year, JAMFEST 4 is taking place on June 26th at the LOCAL SHACK located at 1200 Rte. 9 in the Cross River Mall in Lakewood, NJ.

To promote the event, this past Sunday my guests were Toms River, NJ band MIDNITE SAGES. This four-piece ensemble, comprised of former members of the Moonburners and Pigonsalad (not a typo), have been together for the last six years. MIDNITE SAGES is also a family affair. Lead singer/guitarist who goes only by "DEETZ" and guitarist/vocalist ARTHUR PEREZ are first cousins, while drummer SCOTT DAVERN is PEREZ's bother-in-law. This leaves only bassist and primary lyricist of the band "MADS" MADSEN as the sole non-relative in the group. However, he and DEETZ have been friends since childhood, so they have all been intertwined for many years.

Seasoned veterans of the Jersey Shore-area music scene, MIDNITE SAGES are one of the featured performers at JAMFEST 4. Although they will be bringing it down to acoustic levels for this performance, these guys still know how to rock the house! On air they performed several of the tunes off their self-titled "MIDNITE SAGES" CD. My personal favorite was "Vamanos," a snappy little tongue-in-cheek song that's mixed with English and Spanish lyrics.

Admitting to me when I asked where they play, that they mostly play "in" these days, they enjoy being a basement "jam band" and doing select gigs. They have the upcoming JAMFEST 4 as well as ROOTSTOCK on 8/8 in Jackson, NJ.

A very likeable group of musicians with fantastic senses of humor, MIDNITE SAGES are worth going to see, or booking for your next event. Unfortunately, the only way to obtain a copy of their CD, "MIDNITE SAGES," is to attend one of their shows, or send them a message to their Myspace page at . I'm told that they'll hook you right up if you do either of these things.

JAMFEST 4 kicks off at 2pm EST at the LOCAL SHACK in Lakewood, NJ and MIDNITE SAGES are scheduled to hit the stage at 7:30pm.

This week on ROCK ON RADIO, is another JAMFEST 4 performer. Her name is DALE LAKATA. This singer/songwriter from Raritan, NJ who performs solo as well as with her band EDEN is a staple at open mics all around the tri-state area.

Turn on at 10pm EST... tune into, or multiple other outlets, and ROCK ON!

Danny Coleman
Danny Coleman is a central Jersey resident and a long-time area musician. He is currently the host of Rock On Radio which airs Sunday evenings at 10pm (EST) on
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