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Posted: October 15, 2010 08:27 am (-05:00)
James Dalton
Kansas City... There I Go

So, on my way home from my crazy westerly adventures, I dropped in to Kansas City. Of course, working in a blues club, I've heard tales of the town and journeymen singers would get up and sing about going there and about the women they might find, etc. So, yes, Kansas City, here I was coming. Also, I'd heard that it was a good BBQ town, and over the years, with time spent in Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, etc., I had developed a taste for real BBQ, and so, I just had to drop in and see what was up. I made some calls, posted some Facebook updates, and as luck would have it, got the right suggestions of places to go, and I had a friend to meet me when I arrived.

Arthur Bryant's, the original one, is on Brooklyn Avenue in what seems like an unlikely neighborhood for a restaurant. The surroundings look like industrial parking lots, but Bryant's lights up everything with a classic smile that challenges the block (and wins). To read more about the place, click over to

Meeting me for supper was Kansas City transplant Nathan Corsi, whom I first met in NYC a couple years back. Some of you readers know that I work at this club (as mentioned above), a blues club called Terra Blues. Now while Nathan was in NYC, I had him working at the club, so I got to know him and his music. He was a dude who's achievements and travels belied his young age and, well, he was now fronting a well-known band in KC that was up to some interesting shit musically. He had some time, so we caught up for some heaping plates. I had the pulled pork and it was serious business. For me, it's always about pulled pork. I don't care what stock others put in ribs and shit, if I am doin' BBQ, it's pulled pork and some baked beans. Ya heard?

The band Nathan is working with, Not A Planet, is pretty cool. Check out some of their songs at They've got some dates listed for November in some notable towns: Akron, Chicago and Brooklyn among them. I recommend catching them, if not for the music than just because they are all pretty cool, friendly guys. The last time they rolled through NYC, their members were out all over the place, all the time...

Anyway, I am back East now. I've got lots of things in front of me and I am ready to buckle down for a little bit and get it all together.

With luck, I should have a little live release together by the time my next European run of shows starts in late November. It's going to be called "James Dalton Live in Frankonia," and the tracks will be pulled from a few shows I did in Germany this past spring. I am thinking of bringing them to get mastered at Asbury Media, who's worked on a few of my past projects and in whom I trust (Tom Ruff is the man!) and, as far as duplication goes, it's off to Bands on a Budget, also Asbury based, and I am going to do some download cards.

I've used cards like these in the past, but this'll be my first time with these guys. Not only do I like both companies, but I love the fact that these are two independent businesses in AP that help keep it a music town. So many people make such a big deal about AP being such a music hub and have compared it to music towns like Austin and Nashville (which, I am sorry, it isn't), but at least we've got a couple little companies that earnestly try to pull their weight. With so many carpetbagging opportunists in AP, I am happy to bring my business to some locals that have actually stayed local.

Anyway, keep in touch, and feel free to like this guy:

He needs the love, and if you've got any questions or things to say, use the comment box below.


James Dalton
James Dalton is a New Jersey-based singer/songwriter/performer that has had his ups and downs but still pushes forward and stuff.
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