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Posted: December 20, 2010 01:48 pm (-06:00)
James Dalton
Hitting The Ground Running!

I want to thank those readers that followed my last "story arc" involving the recent solo tour through Europe. Maybe I didn't properly do a "tour wrap-up" here, but I was able to film a little thank you to some of the people involved while I was backstage at the Half Moon Pub in London (watch the video at the bottom of this here blog entry to view it). Finally, after a long enough time, the little Flip Camcorder I purchased on a little trip back to Orlando a couple years ago has fulfilled its promise and I can make crappy little videos that amuse me. Success!

So, as you can imagine, I am home now and have been so for a couple weeks. I left the extreme winter storms over there for some equally unforgiving wintry weather here, and it has been forcing me to rethink what parts of the world I should be investing my time. (Are there blues clubs in Tripoli, Managua, or Macao?) Am I getting older? When winter hits and instead of just enjoying it and knowing that it is just a temporary part of the process, I start thinking of global escapes?

Well, I am home, and just like I didn't give myself any time to ease into the European movements of weather and time zone issues, on my return home, I hit the ground running,,, and got myself sick (!). Yes, Han Solo gets boarded sometimes, and even I get sick sometimes. So, I land, I hit the ground running, I bounce between NYC and the blues club I work at and down in Bay Head for Andi's, the shop my mother owns, and even to Asbury Park where a couple potential clients for Indie Solutions are based. I never sleep, and since I hadn't slept in Europe or for the week or so prior to heading to Europe, my body crashes out on me. For any performer, these types of crashes are just plain bad, and must be avoided. If they can't be avoided, try to keep your adrenalin up for as many days as possible until you can take a week or two break. I was lucky with the timing on this one... I've no gigs that require me singing until January (down at a really cool house concert series in MD, by the way) but, like I said, I was lucky.

So, yeah, Indie Solutions... Remember that company? Some of the regular readers may remember a blog titled "Introducing Indie Solutions" from back in September of '09. I kind of started to sum up a consulting and assistance "firm" I had been devising casually over the span of a few years. I was very ready to get down and make things happen with it back then, having lofty ideas about launching on the east coast, the west coast, and finding a spot over in Scandinavia. In fact, if memory serves me, I was on my way over to work in Sweden, Finland and Denmark, and had aims at finding some partners over there.

Well, things have been progressing, and maybe or maybe not, Indie Solutions has popped up from time to time for different projects. But, suddenly, I am seeing an actual future for this little "hobby" of mine.

Since arriving home, I have been rushing back and forth from NYC to Asbury Park working with a few potential clients and things have been very positive, very productive. So much so, that I find the need for a space in Asbury. Granted, those that know me well, could tell you that I am a harsh critic of all things Asbury Park, but it all comes from the right place, I believe. This is a town that has so much potential, but has so many others standing on the outside of it, a bunch of carpet bagging opportunists, trying to steal little pieces of it off like from the Berlin Wall and sell it to tourists that don't truly understand. I won't pretend to understand everything, but having grown up at the beach, and having worked, performed and hung in AP for so many years, I just think it is time I literally open up shop there. What I am trying to say is that I am looking for a physical home for Indie Solutions somewhere off Cookman Avenue in AP, and that I am pretty excited about it. As things move along, I will hopefully be crafting another story arc for you readers, and I'll be discussing some of the clients, the ups and downs of business, and all the juicy dirt and gossip I can muster up.

Please stay tuned as this happens and, if you'd like to be a part of everything, or if you'd like to come work for me, get in touch at

Oh, and check out this video!

James Dalton
James Dalton is a New Jersey-based singer/songwriter/performer that has had his ups and downs but still pushes forward and stuff.
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