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Posted: February 15, 2011 11:08 am (-06:00)
James Dalton
Denver, Part 1

Hanging around the hotel, it's a lazy morning and I figured, before the day got under way, I'd re-watch the most recent episode of "Young Justice" which is absolutely my new favorite. For those that know me, I'm kind of a cartoon and comic book geek, specifically anything Batman or DC Comics related, so this new one on the Cartoon Network is pretty much up my alley. The action is great, they are rebooting a lot of old characters and there is a nice amount of humor.

Anyway, not many of you are really interested in my geeky inclinations (or maybe you are?), so let me get down to the good stuff on this here adventure in Colorado.

My first gig on this tour took place at the Jamestown Mercantile in Jamestown, just northwest of Boulder. This is a hip little town of between two to three hundred people, half of them are musicians and artists and the other half, well, it's a well-rounded cast up there in the mountains, and it is close knit and interesting. The Mercantile (, has a long history as cool as the town itself, with roots in mining and milling, and now it seems it's filled with folks just "milling about". Well, only partly true, but I will say that no one seemed to rush anywhere whilst I was around.

The food was great, the vibe was killer and the listeners were very into the original thing and, like I said, most of them were musicians themselves, so, when I do return, now that I know that, I'll have to put the word out ahead of time for people to bring their instruments with them.

So, a friend of mine was in Denver this weekend as well. He's a Jersey boy, living in Long Branch, starting up solar companies with names like "Mr. Sunshine" (totally serious, by the way) and, aside from catching the band Further on their third and last night in town together, we ended up at what turns out to be a very special Southpark themed bit of tourism and, by this long, run-on sentence, what I am really trying to say is that we went to Casa Bonita for lunch. At the moment, I forget the name of the episode, but I do remember Cartman obsessing over the place and tricking Butters into thinking the world had ended.

Anyway, we went for lunch and, other than the Mexican food that wasn't so bad, the diving show was weird, the guy in the monkey suit was brilliant and the wandering mariachi guy played an interesting arrangement of "Mr. Sandman". All in all, I'd say, if you are in Denver, and maybe you've been taking advantage of the loose growing laws and all the dispensaries, it could be a day to hit Casa Bonita ( and let it all go. You can totally play Mortal Combat in the arcade, and get a margarita, too.

Tomorrow night starts a crazy six-night run for me with two gigs in Denver, three up in the mountains and a big day back on Bleecker Street celebrating New York City's blues scene with Big City Blues Magazine's party at Kenny's Castaways. I'll talk more about it over the next few days but, for right now, I have to get back to work on some Indie Solutions tasks and get myself prepared for all these gigs. Paris on the Platte in Denver will be Tuesday and Quixotes, which I have some high hopes for, will be on Wednesday. Hope to see you!

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James Dalton
James Dalton is a New Jersey-based singer/songwriter/performer that has had his ups and downs but still pushes forward and stuff.
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