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Posted: February 18, 2011 09:01 am (-06:00)
James Dalton
When Touring Takes Its Toll...

So, I know what would have been next in line here in my little blog is something called "Denver 2" and, yes, to all of you with aims on traveling to this cool, progressive little city in the sky, that should be coming in over the next couple days, with luck. Instead, for all you fans of the underdog, car wreck junkies and James Dalton naysayers, I give you a brief little tragedy called "When Touring Takes Its Toll".

To be fair, I am learning that people are inherently good, and that the ones I have surrounding me in this world are beyond good, wonderful, in fact. There are such great friends, both old and new, that have been there to lend me a hand from booking this little Rocky Mountain Tour, to putting me up and feeding me, and even when things go wrong, which inevitably they can and do. There have been some great people in some of the audiences, some killer staff at these joints that I feel like I owe ,but, all in all, things can take bad turns.

So here is the deal: when I got off of my flight in Denver from Cleveland (the first problem with this tour, a person on the other line not inputing the correct dates, so I lost out on the direct flight), I somehow managed to do so WITHOUT my debit card. Damn domestic flights that don't give you free movies! Out of my pocket it came to swipe and that was the last I've heard from it. So, I discover this annoying reality while sleepily standing at the register trying to pay for my Panda Express. Ok, fast forward through worries, phone calls, courtesy desks, etc. When you don't travel with anything but a debit card, you better make sure of two things. There is enough money in it, which I did before I flew out, hence making me broke, thank you very much, and two, make sure you hold on to it. Now that all my cash was in the card, and the card was gone, not only was I unable to rent a car, which is needed, but I was unable to rent a room in a hotel that didn't charge by the hour, and that's pretty much the only kind of hotel you'll find near the ritzy ski resorts, which is where I was headed.

Fast forward again...

Clearly, after the faxing and signing, slight worrying and then on to acceptance that I was going to have to crash out with people (God love them), I was at peace. I had borrowed a car for a couple days, gotten up to the gigs, wasn't killing it financially, but things were cool. I think my card is coming. "Either later today or tomorrow" is what they are telling me, because I needed a new card sent out. I'm sure you can guess that it didn't come...

So here is where I am right at this moment, peoples, and I hope you are all enjoying this, either as a fan of the underdog, rooting for the indie artist and he tries to make this tour work, or as the one who likes to watch all the disasters on the news, safely at home, or from the slowly passing rubbernecking drivers side window, or maybe you just hate me and are reading this, rooting against me, praying to whatever God it is that can assist your evil "anti-me plot".

At this moment, I am trying to figure out if someone else can rent me a car, which I think can work. If that works out, then, I need to leave as early as possible because the snow is starting to pick up in the mountains and there are two passes I need to make it through. One is right before Keystone which is where tonight's gigs is. The next pass is right before Vail, which has a tendency to close in the bad snow and I need to get through there in the early AM on Friday because of an awesome appearance on PlumTV recording at 8.

My card? Well, as of now, that is getting sent to the address I am sitting in, but slated to arrive tomorrow, and we are working on it for a landing before noon, which FedEx says it can do, but the protocols of the bank may take longer. The card will then be delivered to me by the guy I am opening up for Friday night in Vail and with that all happening, me getting a car today and making the gig in Keystone, my path not being blocked to Vail to make the TV show, the card arriving early enough to get to my new best friend, he getting up to Vail Friday, if all that happens as easily as I just made it sound, then screw you James Dalton naysayers! Otherwise, I am fucked! :)

Why type all this out? Well, when you are touring on your own terms, which is what I believe in doing as much as I can, it's all on you. You can't just call the management company to fix things. You need to be on your toes, and clearly, for this tour, I wasn't. If all this goes according to the "Screw You Naysayers" plan, I still have one more exciting hoop to jump through. After Saturday night's gig in Steamboat, I am going to need to drive ALL the way to Denver Airport, through the mountains to make a flight at 8am back to NYC which is really, really important because I need to be on Bleecker Street for the Big City Blues Magazine party at Kenny's Castaways, and it is a long drive and the weather could block me up, but, really, I don't want to think about that now. I need to get up into the mountains first...

James Dalton
James Dalton is a New Jersey-based singer/songwriter/performer that has had his ups and downs but still pushes forward and stuff.
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