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Posted: March 31, 2011 12:00 am (-05:00)
James Dalton
Touring the Western States

Ok, so some of my notes, updates and blogs may leave some people a little confused as to what I am up to. Sure I seem scatterbrained and all over the place, trying to do so many different things at once, but this is as accurate a picture as I can conjure up for people as to what really is going on with me. I discuss Europe, and meals, riding trains and going to the beach in Jersey. It's my life, and I don't mind sharing as much as I do, long as it doesn't bother anyone.

Why does the intro not really match the title of this note? Well, like I said above, I am seemingly all over the place, going here and there, planning this and that and even I can't keep track sometimes. But, for right now, as I am typing, I am really hoping to build a tour of the Western States for early summer. Those that know me or have followed me know that I spend a lot of time looking east across the Atlantic, so much so that I feel like the rest of this country is a new and exciting place. This past year alone, I played shows and traveled to lots of different places like Colorado, and Oregon, Texas and Arizona and beyond, and, suffice it to say, I am really hoping to get back out there.

So here is the deal. I am either building a little run based in Colorado with a trek to go northwest or one to go southwest, or, if I can get a little crazy, I will route something in a large loop around the whole thing including CO, NM, AZ, CA, OR, WA, ID, UT, WY and this one will have to be longer, obviously, than the original ten-day plan.

Why type this craziness out? Well, I am starting to figure this all out today, in between Indie Solutions chores, rehearsals for this weekend's gigs, and some Asbury Blues booking. My target in second half of June into the beginning of July.

If you would like to get on board by letting me open for you, putting me up, helping book a gig or a house concert, or by just smiling at me when I arrive in your town, please, by all means, get in touch here by emailing me at

Thanks for reading this and if you are out there, west of the Mississippi, let's get together this summer!

James Dalton

James Dalton
James Dalton is a New Jersey-based singer/songwriter/performer that has had his ups and downs but still pushes forward and stuff.
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