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Posted: June 7, 2011 02:51 pm (-05:00)
Raj Narayanan
Social Media Fanatic and Bass Guitar Player for Venus Vegas
DIY In Your Underwear Filled With Dollars & Sense

Google "How to Get a Record Deal" and quite a number of sites pop up all telling you the exact same thing: nothing. If you are an aspiring musician with a keen sense, this is already all common knowledge; Record a quality demo, play local shows, sell your music online, avoid scams, etc., etc. It amazes me that people are still allowed to release such vague and sometimes useless publications.

Hello. My name is Raj and I do not have a record deal. I do not have the biggest local fan base. And I certainly do not have all the answers. However, through trial and error Internet marketing and research, I was able to showcase in front of major labels, management, and music supervisors. Forget about having a huge resume or any sort of touring history. We were a band for less than one year before stepping up against industry reps. In fact, we only had two shows under our belt. How was all this possible? Well, stay with me over the next month as I roll out my discourse: "DIY In Your Underwear Filled With Dollars & Sense."

In order to break down my networking strategy, we must first start at the beginning. We'll discuss recording your album and work our way to marketing it to execs. How much is your dream worth to you? If you are convinced that you can build up to a showcase without first spending a dime on your product, well, then I thank you for reading up to here. The exit is down the hall and to the right. Please watch your step...

Some of you still with me? Yes? Great. Much love for sticking around. Chapter by chapter, we'll break it all down: band bios, band photos, production, and, finally, simple human etiquette and social media marketing. The only folks allowed to sound like a used car salesman is a used car salesman, and even then it's often questionable. I would greatly like for this to be an open forum, so I look forward to hearing from all of you as we move ahead. Bookmark this page and keep an eye out for Chapter 1: "A Producer Has a Better Basement Than Your Buddy's."

'Till next time. Cheers!

- Raj

Raj Narayanan

Raj Narayanan is a social media fanatic who moonlights as the bass guitar player for Venus Vegas. He has a strong passion for passion, point-and-shoot camera photography, basements, bananas, adjectives, and adult beverages of the brown persuasion. He tends to run in circles, both in the literal and figurative sense. Sometimes, he even premeditates randomness.

Rajeev Laxman Narayanan: Literarily proficient, vocally deficient. Coming to a News Feed near you. Catch his alter ego blogging it up at

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DIY In Your Underwear Filled With Dollars & Sense
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