Daddy Pop

Meeting Jon Bon Jovi

What does one of New Jersey's greatest rock icons do while on vacation? He hangs at the Jersey shore.

Every Sunday, at Joe Pop's in Long Beach Island, Daddy Pop gathers what's left of the islanders for one last musical revelry before the work week. One particular Sunday, however, they got more than they bargained for.

While rocking out the weekend's remains, local legend and rock superpower Jon Bon Jovi decided to pay the club a visit. He'd been vacationing in LBI for about two weeks.

Looking for a cool place to hang one night, he headed to Joe Pop's and happened upon the Daddy Pop show. Arriving earlier than the usual bar crowd, he got to absorb Daddy Pop's sound from the very beginning of their set. His friends took quite the liking to the band, dancing to some tunes, hanging out with the rest of the bar's regulars, and one New Jersey rock god.

After the band's first set, Joe Pop's staff introduced Daddy Pop's lead singer Gene Potts to Mr. Slippery When Wet. They talked shop, discussing Jersey cover bands, Bon Jovi's new record, and the soon-to-be-famous Highway 9. Potts asked if he'd be willing to make a cameo on stage. Bon Jovi was more than happy to, although unsure of what he'd sing. Lucky, Daddy Pop covers a mean "Wanted Dead or Alive." What would be more fitting than Jon singing one of his own tunes?

Around midnight, Daddy Pop started their second set. Three songs in, they called up one of Jersey's favorite sons. In a local bar, being able to watch the man himself sing a song that's been rocking the entire state for sixteen years is enough to give anyone chills.

Bon Jovi started off the song and immediately the crowd frenzied. He nodded to Potts for him to kick off the third verse. A couple of lines later he took over again, screaming the chorus back to the crowd.

"His voice is amazing," Potts said. Bon Jovi was very impressed with the band's version, especially Liz Schubert covering Richie Sambora's backup vocals. So impressed that he even kissed her on stage.

"He's a very cool guy," Potts said. "He sat and bullshitted with the band for about 20 minutes."

"He sounded great, and was very generous with his time," Schubert said.

After the jam session, stardom began setting in, with the Joe Pop's scene crowding around Bon Jovi. Fortunately, someone had a camera for the star-struck, spontaneous event. Pictures from the evening are on the band's web site at

Bon Jovi hung around until almost 1:00 a.m. Before splitting, he told Daddy Pop he'd try to check them out again.

Definitely see these guys before summer's end. You can catch them perform at Joe Pop's every Sunday. There's no telling who might show up. Daddy Pop is one of the best, multi-faceted bands to rock the Jersey scene.

They're awesome. Even Bon Jovi says so.

Natasha McGrath

Natasha McGrath is a graduate of Rider University with a degree in Journalism. A web site content developer for an investment firm by day - music enthusiast and cover band connoisseur by night. "NJ being the mecca of cover acts, someone has to let Garden Staters know who's worth the charge at the door. Usually found near the stage ... I'm the one who knows all the words." In addition to writing for Chorus and Verse, Natasha is also Music Writer for