Kara Lynn

Chorus and Verse Spotlight

Interested in nothing but vocal performance her entire life, Kara Lynn is one of the top female performers on the New Jersey cover band circuit today. Majoring in voice at Westminster Choir College was only the beginning for Kara and her career as a leading front lady.

Starting out in 1995 in a band called Twist of Fate, Kara jumped into the fast-paced cover world. Twist of Fate covered radio favorites, centered around pop and disco classics. A band commonly booked for weddings and parties, Kara and the rest of Twist of Fate were tame compared to the on-stage antics the Jersey shore scene is so familiar with today.

Then a young front woman, just 21, Kara hadn't yet found her boisterous on stage personality. Her bubbly spirit and fantastic voice carried her through her beginning cover years, until she landed one of the front positions of the Brat Pack.

Sharing the spotlight with a lead front man, Kara sang all the girl-rock favorites of the '80s and early '90s. Anything and everything that was popular on the radio became a Brat Pack tune. They played all the local favorite places up and down the coast until the band's demise in 1998.

Kara simply took some time to herself, taking a year off, working and planning her next career move. Realizing she couldn't live without singing for one minute longer, she formed the Vibe in 2000. The Vibe brought to New Jersey something that was virtually unheard of in the cover scene, a dance/hip-hop/R&B band.

R&B being Kara's primary inspiration, she worked hard and formulated a band centered around smooth tunes and soulful chart toppers. Her on-stage personality now in full force, Kara shocked clubs by covering Alicia Keyes, Mary J. Blige and No Doubt. Gwen Stefani, Kara's idol, is very influential in both her singing and performance, making No Doubt one of Kara's favorite bands to cover. However, being a rock-dominated state, New Jersey audiences weren't quite ready for the Vibe and the groove fizzled out just after two years.

Never one to back down or accept defeat, Kara has emerged again with her latest band, Blasted. Blasted features some former members of the Vibe along with other new and familiar faces.

Kara is ready to get the New Jersey audience back in the palm of her hand, this time focusing on tough-girl rock like Hole and Garbage, along with heavy radio favorites such as Linkin Park and Queens of the Stone Age. Kara and Blasted are set to smash onto the scene with a whole new attitude.

Which do you prefer singing, R&B or rock music?

My first passion has always been R&B and it is what has helped me have such strong chops. Rock, on the other hand, is more my personality, because it allows me to have fun and get crazy. So, right now in my life, rock is the preference.

Would you consider it an advantage or disadvantage fronting a band in a state dominated by leading men?

Definitely an advantage, 'cause I have just as much balls as they do. I love to see people's faces when I'm up there screaming my head off! When I was [about] 10 and the guys on my street would play football in the mud, I was the annoying one that kept asking if I could play with them.

Besides the music genre, what differences should audiences expect between your previous ventures and Blasted?

A much looser person. I really could care less about negativity, so if you're not gonna drink, laugh and party, then you do not belong at my show!

How do you keep the crowd interested while sometimes playing as many as three sets?

Talk to people, man. I'm just like any other guy or girl standing out in the audience. I like to just fool around and joke. Especially with the girls, because I believe partying is all about girls.

They are fun and they make men buy more drinks!

Are there any front men or women in the Jersey cover scene you've been inspired by?

Uh oh! Okay, I'm just gonna be honest on this one. Here are my favorites for guys: Henry from Lifespeed, for powerful vocals, and vocal longevity, Neil, from Freak, for taking chances and, of course, his great image, and Monte, of Dog Voices, for being the funniest and the most interesting to watch.

Girl leads? I'd say the only one that I have ever felt similar to is a girl I used to know, Katie Krupp. She used to front Good Girls Don't, Sugarbelly and Yasgurs' Farm. She is amazing to watch. I think she changed her name, though.

What are your personal goals for Blasted?

Blasted is just a partying machine who is out to shock New Jersey. It is my goal to show people that a chick can get the job done just as good. I am also so lucky to have some of the greatest musicians behind me so my options are endless on music.

Right now, aside from No Doubt, Garbage and Hole, we are planning a heavy metal medley, hair band medley and an 80's medley. It's gonna be so cool, 'cause I get to scream out "Paranoid" from Black Sabbath.

[ Web Site: www.blastedmusic.com ]

Natasha McGrath

Natasha McGrath is a graduate of Rider University with a degree in Journalism. A web site content developer for an investment firm by day - music enthusiast and cover band connoisseur by night. "NJ being the mecca of cover acts, someone has to let Garden Staters know who's worth the charge at the door. Usually found near the stage ... I'm the one who knows all the words." In addition to writing for Chorus and Verse, Natasha is also Music Writer for RedBank.com.