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In my little black book of rock 'n' roll definitions*, Talk Town comes under the heading of: Success Waiting To Happen.

The band is fronted by mid-west transplant Jarrett "Jar" Dean, Talk Town's founder and principal singer/songwriter. Jar moved to New Jersey from Indiana in May 1995 with a view to enriching his musical knowledge as well as his playing ability, together with the deep history that's embedded within New Jersey's musical past.

Currently accompanying Jar in Talk Town is a resonant force to be reckoned with, namely: Stephen Ross (lead guitar and vocals), Tim Perry (drums), and Hal B. Selzer, one of New Jersey's most talented and respected bass players. Individually, these guys are all highly accomplished musicians. So, whaddayaget when you put 'em altogether? A totally dynamic sound, that's what!

It's been a long time since a band as exciting and inspirational as Talk Town has emerged from the legendary New Jersey music scene and, notably, a band whose original music is so outstanding. Similar in genre to the likes of Matchbox 20 and heavily influenced by the likes of Oasis and David Gray, Talk Town's songs present a refreshing opportunity for the listener to enjoy a collection of inimitable material that is conspicuous by its lyrical and musical excellence. Not surprisingly, the band's high-energy, live performances consistently attract large crowds from their rapidly growing base of loyal supporters.

From Hoboken to Hightstown and from Red Bank to Point Pleasant Beach, Talk Town's hectic playing schedule stands testament to the band's increasing popularity amongst New Jersey's music loving audiences. And in response to their fans' pleas, Talk Town recently released a brand-new sampler CD comprising the most requested original material - "Rainin' In LA"; "Claustrophobic"; "Drama Queen"; "Feel Alive"; "High"; and "Hip Tragedy." Each track has its own melodic identity and features catchy, upbeat chorus lines, incredible bass riffs as well as haunting guitar solos. All of those ingredients and much, much more, ensure that a high degree of listening interest is maintained from start to finish. Without exception, every song on this CD is guaranteed to stimulate your audio senses, leaving you hankering to hear more.

At time of writing, Talk Town remain unsigned but, with a bit of luck, this particular miscarriage of musical justice will soon change. On January 31st, 2002, Talk Town will be performing to a highly-influential audience at one of New York City's most prestigious clubs, "The Elbow Room". This is a golden opportunity for record labels and music fans alike to hear some incredible original sounds that will hopefully lead to the band receiving the national and international recognition they so rightly deserve.

*Talk Town - n. 1 success waiting to happen (colloq. often followed with a champagne celebration)

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Maggie Powell
Hi, I'm Maggie Powell, a Scottish expatriate now living near Hannover, Germany. My interest in the New Jersey music scene began the very first time I heard Bruce Springsteen's "Born To Run" and I simply couldn't begin to explain how many proverbial doors that song has opened for me since then. Suffice to say it's been a great trip! Living in a country where English is not the native language certainly is challenging, particularly as the French and Russian I learned at school are about as useful here as a chocolate teapot! But when the going gets tough, I just switch on my computer and rattle away on my keyboard. For the last few years, I have been contributing material to "The Ties That Bind," the UK Bruce Springsteen fan club magazine and this is something I enjoy very much. I've also had material published by Backstreets, as well as in some of the other major European Bruce Springsteen fan club magazines - they do a tremendous job of translating my articles into their own respective languages. I'm also a "Save Tillie" Board Member and this is a cause that lies very close to my heart. I've always regarded "Tillie" as a focal point for a much larger issue and firmly believe that ALL of Asbury Park's famous places and landmarks should be preserved for posterity. The city of Liverpool is a prime example of what can be achieved through having a successful music tourist industry and Asbury Park/Monmouth County can have the same, providing the people making the decisions for Asbury Park's future do not make any gross errors of judgment along the way. We can but hope.