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Somebody's Loving You

Pop artist E.G. Daily is back! The crooner of the chart-topping '80s hit "Say It, Say It" and the popular albums "Wild Child" and "Tearing Down The Walls" has produced yet another sure-to-be-hit single, "Somebody's Loving You."

You may also recall E.G. from her memorable role as "Dottie" in "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" or as the voice of Tommy Pickles on the popular Nickelodeon show "Rugrats."

Recently I met up with the ubiquitous Ms. Daily for coffee at The Grove in Los Angeles for this exclusive Chorus and Verse chat. Ready? Let's go!

MS: Hey, E.G., how are you?

E.G.: I'm good, thank you, sweetie.

MS: Great, let's have a conversation (both laugh). Tell me about your latest batch of songs.

E.G.: Well, there is this whole batch of new music that I recorded. I just write music and do not look at it like an album or a song, I just write it. One day I was driving along and there is this house down the street from me. There's all this action and energy going on around it all the time. I'm always thinking: "What is going on in there"? There is so much happening there, I finally asked the guy who lives there "What's going on in this house"? He says: "There's a recording studio in here." I was like "Oh my God, play me some of your stuff, because I have been looking for someone to work with me on some new music I have been writing." He became my collaborator. He is a great guy named Jim Kaufman who has a label called American Buddha Records. It was a really beautiful process. It was really meant to be.

MS: Sounds like it. How did "Somebody's Loving You" come out of this process?

E.G.: "Somebody's Loving You" came about because there was a lady who lived across the street from my old house and her husband who lived with her. He was maybe 80, he was really a hot, sweet old guy, you could tell he was rockin' when he was younger. He loved me and came over all the time, I called him my boyfriend. One day he disappeared and I asked his wife "Where's my boyfriend"? She told me he was not doing so well, and that he was in a home. Then he passed away and I was really sad, mostly for his wife, because I saw how empty she was after he died, her partner of 60 years. I was so moved that I wrote the song for her. It came out of telling her, we're here for you if you need anything, I'm always watching you and you're not alone. "Somebody's Loving You" means no matter whether you feel like you are alone or not there's always somebody looking out for you.

MS: You also included a war motif in the video for it.

E.G.: Yeah, the song moved from the woman and then I thought about the young guys fighting in Iraq. I mean, how crazy is it that we are here at The Grove having coffee, and there are these young guys terrified of dying. I wanted to also celebrate the soldiers, I wanted to honor them. Then the last part of the song came about as being about life and people on the street who you would never think were very interesting, but they could be the messenger of something miraculous in your life.

MS: This is the music by you that I like, E.G.

E.G.: Thanks, Michael! I get afraid that people will get mad at me because I do not do dance all the time.

MS: Can I be honest?

E.G.: Please.

MS: I don't really like "Say It, Say It."

E.G.: Thanks a lot, you bastard! (Laughs.) I like the song for what it was. Is that the kind of music I write that stays with me? No, but it was a great dance track. I wrote it with Jellybean, so the song had it's place. Usually the stuff that E.G. Daily writes alone is a little bit deeper. Don't get me wrong, I can go for the shallow stuff, too, this new batch of music is called "The New Collection" and it's very deep. It's about life, and life has been very tough for people lately.

MS: There's an honesty about you that people relate to.

E.G.: If you have ever gone to a live E.G. Daily show, it's fucking brutal! (Laughs.) Most people are like: "I can't believe she just said that!"

MS: Love that about you! Are you currently dating anyone?

E.G.: Not right now.

MS: Both of us lean toward the younger crowd.

E.G.: I really, truthfully, believe age is a number. If your souls connect and you happen to be on the planet at the same time, thank God for that. What a blessing you can connect with someone on this planet who is there the same time as you. There is, however, too young, teenagers for example, and as a mother especially, I respect that boundary, and you do have to be a role model for your kids.

MS: Yeah, do not mix the boundaries.

E.G.: You really don't want to mix them. You need to be a parent and really respect them.

MS: I agree. Do you have any new movies coming out, by the way?

E.G.: I recently played a cougar in a movie called "Boy Toy" with Morgan Fairchild. I also had a role in "My Sister's Keeper." I did a really cool song on the soundtrack, too. I've been doing a lot of songs on a lot of soundtracks lately. I'm also going to Nashville in a couple of weeks, to do some writing and some singing. I love the whole Nashville thing, they really honor the singers and the songwriters. It's what I am. I have always been a singer, songwriter and an artist. Nashville is really a magical place for an artist.

MS: So, cougar (laughs), what age would you be if you didn't know how old you were?

E.G.: 27! (Laughs.)

"Somebody's Loving You" on iTunes and at www.EGDaily.com or www.myspace.com/egdaily1.

Michael Shinafelt

Michael Shinafelt has covered pop & dance music since he first burst on to the writing scene, interviewing everyone from pop icon Olivia Newton-John to pop artist E.G. Daily. Not to mention the many dance divas (male and female) who he has crossed paths with. Other interviews of note are Pamela Anderson, Heidi Fleiss, as well as cover stories on Margaret Cho and Kathy Griffin. Peace.