Nadia Kay

Reloads With Her Sophomore Album

Up-and-comer Nadia Kay is back with the release of her sophomore album, "Reloaded."

She first hit the music scene with her brand of high-energy dance/pop on her debut album, "Music Sex 'n' Marshmallows." The title alone gave her the kind of buzz any new artist loves.

Nadia is also filming a music reality show that is set to air this summer. Let's sit down and get acquainted with the woman behind it all, Ms. Nadia Kay.

MS: Let's chat about your sophomore album, "Reloaded."

NK: Well, I did have a first album, too. "Music Sex 'n' Marshmallows".

MS: Yeah, what about those marshmallows? (Laughs.)

NK: Right, well, music and sex are there, too. You can't not love that, and the marshmallows add the finishing touch of sweetness. The marshmallows do it for me every time. (Laughs.)

MS: It's getting a little hot in here. Why don't we switch gears back to "Reloaded"? (Laughs.)

NK: With "Reloaded" I wanted to put out an album that had a lot of energy and incorporated a lot of dance music. The focus was an album that people would have fun listening too. You can even workout to it at the gym! (Laughs.) It also has a few mid-tempo songs like "Chemical Miracle."

MS: There's a ballad also, "Crashing Down."

NK: That's a song that is very dear to me. I wrote it about my first love. But everything else on the album is high-energy dance!

MS: You definitely have a lot of energy!

NK: (Laughs.) I try, I try!

MS: Keeping that energy up is a tough thing to do. Most people do not realize that.

NK: It is! I also try to put a different spin on my songs, too, as they are the same themes that people usually write songs about.

MS: You have a video for your current single, "Captain Sky Love," was that based on you dating a pilot, by chance?

NK: Well, the song is definitely based on a boy, I can tell you that much. Whether he was a pilot or not is something that I would like to keep a mystery.

MS: Tease! (Both laugh.)

NK: I was inspired by the feelings you have when you are in love to write the song. When you are in love you feel like you can fly!

MS: Inspiration for songs always fascinates me.

NK: As an artist, when writing a song I always like to leave room for people's imagination. The same thing can mean something different to different people. I try to let my mind go and let my imagination guide how I write a song.

MS: By the way, I love your accent. Share some of your background with me.

NK: Thank you so much! I'm Ukrainian, I was born there. My family moved to the United States when I was a teen, so I basically grew up here. The way I look at it I was able to get the best of both worlds. That is something I try to incorporate into my music as well. I try to put my own little Ukrainian twist on it (laughs). I actually sing the last piece on "Captain Sky Love" in Russian.

MS: Before we sign off, tell the Chorus and Verse readers something about the reality show you are doing.

NK: It is currently filming. It is about what happens behind the scenes in the music industry. It documents the process of making music and where the inspiration comes from to do it. It also shows the competition between female artists who are all pursuing the same dream. It really explores the relationship between females in the entertainment industry.

MS: On that note, I have to ask before we go: What female artist inspires you most?

NK: One of the first female artist that got me hooked on music and singing was listening to Mariah Carey. Her and Celine Dion as well, they made me want to pursue my musical dreams.

MS: Thank you, Nadia!

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