Looking for Mr. Romeo

With songs like "My Zombie Boyfriend" and her current hit single "Mr. Romeo" Emii is one hot diva!

The small chick with the big voice whose charisma, sense of humor and vocal chops attracted none other than Snoop Dogg, who is featured on "Mr. Romeo," is primed and ready for your entertainment.

Oh, Emii, by the way, if I show my ass, will you spank it?

MS: Hey, Emii, how are you?

Emii: I'm good, how are you?

MS: Wow! Your speaking voice is so small compared to your singing voice!

Emii: I've gotten that quite a lot (laughs). It's usually a little bit of a shock to people, but it's a good thing, I think.

MS: So rumor has it you are doing an album, but there was not a name for it listed on your bio.

Emii: I am working on an album. It does not have a name yet, we are doing it on a single-by-single basis. When most people do a full-length album outright they put in a lot of filler material and that is something that I would like to entirely avoid.

MS: A friend of mine is doing the same thing right now.

Emii: Yeah, it's the age of singles, it really is.

MS: I was giving a listen to "My Zombie Boyfriend". Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to have a real sense of humor to it.

Emii: (Laughs.) Definitely! I have a sense of humor about a lot of things. It might be terribly inappropriate, but I have no qualms about joking around. It's all good.

MS: Well, I was laughing during it!

Emii: That is wonderful! Sometimes you have to get out of a relationship and when you look back on it, it can be quite comical. That's ok, you need to have a sense of humor about things, or they will crush you.

MS: Another reason your speaking voice caught me off guard is your obvious determination. If someone told you not to do something, I can tell you would do it!

Emii: Yeah, pretty much! (Laughs.) Everyone has their limits. I am kind of known for being stubborn. That's probably a negative way of describing it. Persevering and discipline are more positive words for that. But I like to say I am stubborn, because it is ok to be stubborn. You know what you want and you go for it, and if people try to stop you they can screw off! (Laughs.)

MS: Here, here! You have quite the rock/pop vibe. Name some artists who have influenced you.

Emii: The Pretenders...

MS: OMFG, I love Chrissie Hynde!

Emii: (Laughs.) I saw The Pretenders live eight months ago, and she's still got it. She is so funny, too. She has the best sense of humor on stage. You connect with every word she sings, it's really amazing. I also really like Michael Jackson, The Offspring... even people like Enya. For the most part I enjoy all types of music. I am pretty much inspired by everything.

MS: From your bio info, it looks like you did not attend your High School Prom.

Emii: Actually, I went to a few proms. I went to an actual High School for a few months before I threw a bit of a bitch fit because I knew that I wanted to do music. Where I was wasn't helping me. Eventually my parents understood that. But I had friends from different schools because I moved around a lot. I was kind of the go-to girl, and this sounds really terrible, and it is completely non-sexual, but all of my geeky guy friends who could not get dates asked me to go to prom. I ended up going to the prom four times. (Laughs.) That was my only true High School experience. Other than that I was always performing or in the studio.

MS: Let's talk about your current single and video, "Mr. Romeo". How did you get Snoop Dogg involved?

Emii: "Mr. Romeo" had been finished for the most part. We were going to cut the master vocals. We thought there was somebody out there who could add a bit of magic to it. Snoop had come up in that conversation, someone from my team had contacted him, but they had not gotten any replies. But, when I went to record the master vocals, the owner of the studio I was recording at in Hollywood came in and heard them and loved it! We then told him our idea and he said he had Snoop's personal manager's number in his phone and to let him hook me up. He did it, they got the word, Snoop played the song and liked it, and that's how it happened. (Laughs.) It was very cool and I am still a little bit overwhelmed by it.

MS: Snoop seems really cool!

Emii: He is really cool! He was such a gentleman, too.

MS: A refrain from the song that cracks me up is "Mr. Romeo, come here and bite me like an animal." It's funny and sexy at the same time.

Emii: Oh, yeah, I am glad that you are laughing at that, it makes me really happy. (Laughs.) The song is about so many different things than finding your "Romeo". It is about pursuing the goals that we want and plowing through the obstacles to get them no matter what. It's relevant for love and life as well.

MS: It does come across on all levels, especially the love and sex one.

Emii: "Bite me like an animal" is totally cool.

MS: That can be fun!

Emii: It's all good. (Laughs.)

Get bitten by Emii and log onto www.emii.net.

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