Kimberly Davis

Twist of Love

Kimberly Davis wants you to know that there is a new diva on the dance floor - her!

The singer's recent song "Twist of Love" was a smash hit on the Billboard dance charts, and if you think the ubiquitous Ms. Davis is resting on her laurels with the success of her latest effort, you've got to be kidding!

KD: Sorry I'm late, I am all over the place. I was running around thinking: Am I supposed to be doing something right now? (laughs) That's how I work.

MS: No worries (laughs).

KD: Well, here I am.

MS: So glad you made it! (laughs) I was checking out the video for your song "Twist of Love". Looks like you are really letting loose your inner drag queen in it.

KD: I love it! I got a lot of drag queen advice, that's why.

MS: Really?

KD: Oh yes, I did! (laughs) I got outfits from one that I just love and the hair and make-up.

MS: Those red eye lashes you have on are really funky.

KD: Aren't they cute?

MS: Very! "Twist of Love" went top ten on the Billboard Dance Charts.

KD: Yes, it went to number 9 and is still in the top 20. I believe it is number 12 right now.

MS: That's great! How tough do you think it is out there for an independent artist such as yourself?

KD: Dance music has never died, you just need to keep reinventing it and yourself. I know Barbara Tucker, Inaya Day, Pepper MaShay, and I think it's time for someone new out there, a new face, vocal, you know what I mean? We need something new going on in the dance world.

MS: Your voice is really what puts "Twist of Love" over the top!

KD: It's so funny because when I am recording, sometimes they will have to turn my mic down when I start hitting the high notes.

MS: I bet! So, you want to become the next big dance diva I take it?

KD: I am trying. I am so interested in doing so. Seriously, it's time! I just got back from Japan.

MS: No wonder you are a little tired.

KD: Yes, I was in Slovakia before that, and I am in Russia a lot. I sell CDs wherever I go.

MS: Define the word diva from your perspective.

KD: Honestly? OK, I am not the tantrum-throwing kind. The video shoot was drama free, everyone did what they needed to do, knew their role. I do not create drama, drama is attracted to me, of course, but I don't create it, I would rather just flow. Being a diva is all about being versatile and having fun, as well as someone who knows what they want, you know what I mean?

MS: I do know what you mean. There's nothing wrong with knowing what you want.

KD: Music is international, you can turn it into whatever you want.

MS: True.

KD: You can go to Japan and they do not know one bit of English. But if you know what you are singing and they know what's going on, they will sing back to you. For example, "I will always love you." They do not know what I am saying, or singing, but it translates musically and they will sing right along with me.

MS: What's next for Kimberly Davis?

KD: My next single is an R&B song, which is a little slow because we want to show the versatility. We also have a couple of other options that we are working on. We have some good choices, so we'll see.

MS: I bet you sang in a Gospel choir when you were young.

KD: Absolutely! I sang it all through high school, and in church. That's where the loud influence in my voice comes from (laughs).

MS: Yep, there is a lot of power in those lungs! (both laugh)

Need a "Twist"? Check out Kimberly Davis on the Billboard charts or on Facebook at:!/pages/Kimberly-Davis-Official-Fan-Page/270809423301

Michael Shinafelt

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