When The Lights Go Down

American beauty Grace has unleashed her first single, "When The Lights Go Down".

She is one of the elite artists signed to Randy Jackson's (of American Idol fame) dance label, Dream Merchant 21.

Let's "look closer" at this talented beauty. By the way, Grace, are you from actually from Moscow?!

Grace: Hello, Michael!

MS: Hey, Grace, how are you?

Grace: I'm great, what about you?

MS: Fine, my interview line rang a few seconds earlier then it stopped, did you trick call me?

Grace: (laughs) That was probably my cell acting up.

MS: Cool, no problem. I really like "When The Lights Go Down," by the way.

Grace: Oh, thank you so much.

MS: Since you have never been on "American Idol," how did you get hooked up with "The Dawg," Randy Jackson?

Grace: Well, I was supposed to work with JK Music Group, and they are partners with Randy Jackson. We had a meeting with Randy, we talked about music, my experience in Russia and the United States. He decided to record two singles with me based on that.

MS: That's high profile. He is seen by millions every week!

Grace: Yes, and he signed me to his label, Dream Merchant 21. It's great!

MS: Very cool! You are from Moscow, correct?

Grace: Yeah, yeah... I am from Moscow (laughs).

MS: What brought you to the United States?

Grace: Pop music is big in Russia. We listen to everything that the whole world listens to. Coming to America and being an artist has always been my dream. Ever since I was a little girl, I pretended I knew English and would dance and sing to my Mom. She would be like, "What are you doing?" (laughs) I was singing in English, you know what I mean? (laughs) I always dreamed of being an artist, not just in Russia, but mostly in America.

MS: How does it work, that when you speak you have an accent and when you sing you don't? (laughs)

Grace: (laughs) I don't know why that is either!

MS: It's always been funny to me how people have accents when they speak, you never hear them when they sing!

Grace: I agree! (laughs)

MS: By the way, you can really sing! Sometimes when you hear a pop song, there is so much studio trickery you can't tell. But the music and vocals blend on your track.

Grace: It's all about having good ears! (laughs)

MS: Well, after I heard you sing and saw the video for "When The Lights Go Down," I was surprised to find out you were from Moscow. You seem very American.

Grace: That is awesome! I'm doing my best! (laughs)

MS: I only knew ahead of time because of your bio.

Grace: Music is my passion! I could never imagine myself being a doctor, or a teacher. Music heals me, music helps me, it makes me happy. I want to touch so many souls, music is a great thing in our lives. Everyone relates to music. Honestly, I don't know anyone who doesn't listen to it. It is the best unifier in our lives.

MS: While this is a horrible choice, I once told a friend if I had the choice between being deaf or blind, I would choose blind, so I would be able to listen to music still. Music and your imagination would have the capacity to create images in your head.

Grace: Exactly, that is so true! Imagination is such a powerful thing combined with song.

MS: You look like a cute spandex mummy in the beginning of your video for your current single.

Grace: (laughs) I'm so fierce, in the beginning!

MS: Since music is near and dear to your heart, and that's what you want to sing about, name some of those things.

Grace: Some things that are near and dear to my heart, of course, I will always sing about love. It's first, because I think love is the most important thing in people's lives.

We are nobody without love, you can not be human without feeling love. Love to anyone, your parents, your sisters, your brothers, to your friends or your partner, to everyone. I want to sing about the things in life that will help other people to survive. These are things that are dear to my heart as a person and an artist.

MS: Tell me about the line in "When The Lights Go Down," "I know some tricks that will make you scream out loud." Do you really? Want to share? (laughs)

Grace: No, no, I do not want to reveal my secret weapon! (laughs) Actually, yeah, I know some tricks!

MS: I bet! What is the message that you think the song puts across?

Grace: The first time I heard the song, I went "Yay! This song is so fun!" This is about a girl who is not afraid to show her feelings, who is not afraid to be sexual. I think every girl should feel this way, you should not be afraid to show who you are. I loved the whole process and it was so fun being in the studio with Randy. He is so supportive. We had a great time! We were making our first baby together! (laughs) The song is amazing, I love it!

MS: It is fun! One last question, another of my favorite lines in the song is "Let's skip all the metaphors." What metaphor in life would you like to skip the most?

Grace: Wow! That's a good question, I love it! I'm the kind of person that does not like to sit around and wait for something. If I have something to do I rush to do it, I want to do it right now. No sitting and waiting around for something, or someone to come and help me, or make it easier. My skipping a metaphor is not sitting around and waiting for something to happen, I rush forward and do it!

MS: Awesome!

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Michael Shinafelt

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