Yvette Lopez

Rush To The Dance Floor With "7000 BFFFB" and "Autopilot"

Yvette Lopez is the hottest Playboy Latina model ever, published in six issues. Guess what? She can also sing and write! With sizzling club tracks produced by famed Enigma producer Jens Gad that will make you rush to the dance floor.

Flirty topics like "Autopilot," fun tracks like the Facebook song, "7000 BFFFB," and the club hymn, "Dive," are already fan favorites.

Yvette Lopez is ready to hit the international stage. Ok, Yvette, let's get down!

MS: Wow! You are the most published and popular Latina Playboy model in the world!

YL: I was in six issues, and I did the very first all Latin Playboy.

MS: That's so cool! Let's talk music. Your Dad was a musician, what did he play?

YL: My Dad played every instrument, he was self taught from the age of seven. He started with the bass, then the guitar, the piano. He was a musical genius.

MS: Amazing! One of the things that I appreciate about having taken piano lessons is even though I can't really play it anymore, I can still read music.

YL: You're lucky because I never got that part. (Laughs)

MS: Your Dad was obviously an influence on you, since you are now singing and writing songs, his natural talent has obviously rubbed off.

YL: Thank God, yes!

MS: How did you hook-up with Jens Gad from Enigma?

YL: Jens was introduced to me by my manager at the time. As soon as we met, he said: "Hey, let's write a song." I'm like "Oh shit, I have never written a song before." He handed me a pen and paper and we wrote and recorded "Bloodrush" that day.

MS: Writing, I think, is something that is innate. You can do it or you can't.

YL: You just have to go within.

MS: Let's talk about your Facebook song, "7000 BFFFB," because, let's "face it," it's never going away.

YL: I talk to people all over the world on Facebook. I have a lot of fans that are serving in the military right now. It's pretty cool.

MS: As a Playboy model, that makes sense. What compelled you to write "7000 BFFFB"?

YL: Jens and myself were talking about Facebook friends and he said "Let's write a song about it". He told me to tell him what it is exactly that I do on Facebook. I told him I wake up in the morning and grab my phone and curl up with pillow and get onto Facebook. We then actually wrote the song about everything that I do. It's funny, everyone is flirting and dating on FB. Then, at the end of the day, there aren't there and, if your profile gets deleted, they are gone.

That happened to me. I had just landed in New York and Jens called me and asked if I deleted my profile. I'm like WTF? I just landed in New York, there's no way I did. It took me two months writing them to put my profile back up, there was no reason for them to take it down. You become so addicted to the whole Facebook thing, it makes you feel important and you meet a lot of people. Then you wake up and you are all alone. That is what the song is all about.

MS: Everybody likes sex and that is a large part of your music.

YL: It makes things more interesting, I think.

MS: Oh, yes, it does, but I love how you tie it and music together. There is nothing more closely related as two forms of expression than sex and music.

YL: Sex sells and music is a perfect outlet for that. It's easily accepted to put your fantasies and your wants into music.

MS: I feel sexiest when I am listening to music.

YL: Very true, it stirs things up and makes you feel good on the inside.

MS: It's not like a movie where the moment is defined, music is open-ended for interpretation.

YL: Music makes everything, imagine a movie without it.

MS: So let's talk about my favorite tracks by you expand on the song "Freakshow".

YL: "Freakshow" was written for me, actually, and I fell in love with the song. I mean, if you hear the song "Tie Up My Kitty." If you know me and you hear that song, you're like "yeah, that's a Yvette song". (Laughs)

MS: Hit me with "Bloodrush".

YL: "Bloodrush" is about the build up before you have an orgasm. (Laughs)

MS: Having heard the song, that makes sense. (Laughs)

YL: Yeah. (Laughs)

MS: Most major label dance/pop is bland. I am really drawn to the independent music scene. Music like yours is always more creative and, in my opinion, better.

YL: I agree. It's more commercialized at that point and it's the same stuff you hear over and over again.

MS: To me it's better than anything Rhianna or Britney Spears does. I have interviewed some people who were with a major label and broke off with them because they said any connection or thing that happened for them, they did themselves.

YL: The industry has changed and if you can do it yourself you are better off. You get to express yourself how you want, and make more choices on your own. Independent is where the real artists are, it's harder if you are in it just for the money. As an independent artist I think your music is better.

"This is something that's bigger than life." "Bloodrush" - Yvette Lopez

Yvette has "7000 BFFFB," so check her out at: www.yvette-lopez.com.

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