Her Current Dance Hit, "I'm Free"

Multi-cultural singer/songwriter Hayla had her first number one hit at seventeen. Her current dance hit, "I'm Free," was written in support of an ex-boyfriend she found in bed with another man. She was raised by two lesbian moms and is the daughter of a gay hairstylist. After experiencing prejudice during her youth, Hayla's message is a simple one: "Love and Compassion."

It's time for the one and only Hayla!

MS: How are you this morning?

Hayla: Amazing!

MS: I was giving a listen to "I'm Free" just before you called. I love the multi-cultural influence in your music.

Hayla: Really? Oh, that's awesome! I bet you have some musical talent.

MS: Actually I do have a background in music.

Hayla: Your comment made me think you did. I really hope you are going to come to my show at Los Angeles Gay Pride on Saturday, June 9th.

MS: I'm planning on being there.

Hayla: Yay! It's going to be amazing! I'm headlining and will be on at 8:30. I'm going to have four hot male dancers, you are going to love them! (laughs) They are absolutely amazing, and Marco Marco is designing our clothes. I will also be performing with a live band. Amazing people, really. I couldn't ask for more.

MS: Speaking of Gay Pride, the background story for your song "I'm Free" is certainly interesting.

Hayla: Can you believe that? The funny story is, with the background I came from, that I didn't figure it out. (laughs) That my boyfriend was...

MS: Gay? (laughs)

Hayla: No, no, he's bi, he's bi! (laughs)

MS: Well, Pride is a great place for you to perform given your parental background.

Hayla: Oh yeah, and Mom's going to be at the concert. She's flying in from Israel. This will be the first time she is really coming out of the closet, for real.

MS: Really?

Hayla: It's really difficult to come out in Israel. It has gotten a little better for this generation, but for my moms it was different. I have a few gay cousins as well. It's what I grew up with.

MS: It's great that you are open and talk about it.

Hayla: A few bloggers online were saying how the stories I told were fake and stuff. I called Jim Strzalkowski [Hayla's PR Guy] and said, 'Can you believe these people?!' They say I am making up things to bond with the gay community. It's ridiculous.

MS: It really is. No one would make this kind of stuff up.

Hayla: Exactly! Thank you! (laughs) I was so hurt by that idiot, but whatever. (laughs)

MS: You being open and honest about this right now is a positive thing in light of current affairs.

Hayla: It took my mom years to speak the truth. Finally, she agreed. She is looking for someone, too, so I told her to come to America and do it! (laughs)

MS: Do you keep in contact with your father?

Hayla: Yes, but not like I do with my mother. I did not grow up with him, but I love him. He is a musician as well as a hairstylist.

MS: How cool!

Hayla: Yes, I came from a very musical family. Both my mom and my father were musicians, they are amazing creatures. For a long time I was so mad at them for so many years. When I came to America I finally forgave them and was complete with myself and was so happy, finally! (laughs)

MS: The overall message of your music, is a good one: love and compassion. Explain what that message means to you.

Hayla: For me, it means we are all moving on to the next life and we should try to be good people while we are here. Be true to ourselves. I wrote this song, first song I ever wrote in English actually, "Fly". It's amazing, it's about Mother Earth. The message came through this song naturally to me when I was writing it, listen to the lyrics. In Israel everybody loves it. It's very ethnic. (laughs)

MS: I'll have to give it a listen then.

Hayla: What songs did you listen to?

MS: Your current hit, "I'm Free".

Hayla: Oh, you should go and listen to some more of my music and give me your input.

MS: Ok, deal! I have to ask you about one last thing. You play a Middle Eastern drum called the Doumbek.

Hayla: Yes, I love it!

MS: Percussion is not something females usually play.

Hayla: I know. I'm a tomboy, that's why. (laughs)

MS: Well, you look like anything but one. You look very feminine.

Hayla: That's why my friends call me "Draggie," because in real life I am a tomboy, but onstage I am theatrical and like to go over the top. (laughs)

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