Woodson Michel

The New Face of R&B Music

Woodson Michel is the new face of R&B music, deeply inspired by Prince, R. Kelly, Dru Hill and the great Michael Jackson. As this writer can verify, his core values are humility and diligence. His sound is unique and crisp. Combine the two and you get a rare artist who effortlessly writes original songs, produces music and sings. Woodson began his career in Boston. Now, please direct your undivided attention to the Woodson Movement!

MS: Hey, Woodson. How are you? I see my text worked, you called! (laughs)

WM: Yeah, it did! (laughs)

MS: Something I find cool is that one of your major influences is Prince. That really comes across in your song "She's Hot".

WM: Oh yeah, I love Prince!

MS: What drew you to R&B music?

WM: Honestly? Gospel and R&B were always the most influential music in my life. I'm not gonna lie; I am a sucker for love. (laughs)

MS: I love your first name. It is unique, is there a reason behind it?

WM: There was a doctor named Woodson Carter. I know it's because of him that my Dad gave me my first name, but I am not clear on the exact reason why that is.

MS: Tell me, was "She's Hot" inspired by someone in particular?

WM: Yeah, I saw Kelly Hu on TV in the "X-Men 2" and thought "she's hot".

MS: You like action movies?

WM: I love action movies!

MS: Rumor has it you began your career in Boston, MA. Were you born there?

WM: Well, I am originally from Haiti and moved to New York when I was nine.

MS: Oh, ok.

WM: I have lived in Boston, MA for the last year. I recently moved out to Florida to be close to family. Boston was very unique, my footing is there.

MS: Discuss your song "Whine".

WM: Every guy knows, you can't help but see a girl whine. I mean, say you pay twelve dollars to get into a club. You want to dance with somebody, have fun. The main reason guys go to a club other than to pick up on girls is to dance and the girls usually just sit around a whine and say "no thanks". (laughs) I write songs about things that I want. (both laugh)

MS: Your state that your core values are humility and diligence. Give me your take on that.

WM: I think integrity and morals are really important. My Mom and Dad really put that on me. Just because someone else does something, doesn't mean it's right for you, and, by the same token, my parents have been together forever, forty years. That's what I want. I'm not going to do something even though it's wrong just to get ahead of somebody. It feels better to me knowing I went about something the right way.

MS: So what is the "Woodson Movement"?

WM: It's about the music, the writing, the acting, the producing... everything I am doing. I am publishing a book also. All that stuff combined is about getting it out there as a brand, as an artist. I try to be an entertainer, not just a musician. Being in the entertainment industry, it's best to pick a few things you are good at and do them.

MS: Very true, I do other things besides writing. I act as well. You have to versatile in this world with the economy the way it is.

WM: True, you're right about that. I learned everything the hard way. I wished there was a short cut for that. (laughs)

MS: You also have an album out. Let's hear what you have to say about it.

WM: My album is called "Your Night". I have six singles and videos off of it already.

MS: Wow!

WM: It was released about a year ago and is doing really well. One of the singles called "Pop Pop" was featured on "CSI".

MS: That's awesome!

WM: Thank you. Another of the songs was featured in a indie film. Right now is when the album is really picking up. I'm also doing and EP that at any given time could turn into a full-length LP, because a lot of people have been gravitating towards the first single from it, "Let Me Be". A couple of weeks ago it was number 148 in the top 200 on the Digital Radio Tracking Chart. I was three spots ahead of Gavin DeGraw, which is one of my favorite singers. It was priceless to be on there.

We also have two other singles coming out, too. One song is called "Killing Me," which happens to be Gavin DeGraw-style type of music, and the other, "Whatever," is going to be more urban style, hip hop/r&b. I'm trying to showcase different styles.

MS: Well, it's funny, I listened to your music for the first time about an hour before you called. I always do that, that way it's fresh in my mind.

WM: Hey, that's cool.

MS: Well, thank you.

WM: No, thank you.

Join the "Woodson Movement" at www.woodsonmusic.com.

Michael Shinafelt

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