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Dating An Alien

Marie Parie

Marie Parie is an "alien". The Parisian pop artist has called the United States home since 2005. Her background gives her music a unique take on American society.

Dating bewilders her, futuristic music excites her - and art is how she expresses it. To all of you strange creatures out there who don't know who Marie is, well, it's time to get to know her.

Letting loose of her inner "alien" on her latest single, it's "Dating" time with Marie Parie!

MS: Hi, Marie. Judging from your single, "Dating," you seem to really not like it.

MP: Well... yeah. (laughs) It's not that I don't like dating, but I am from Europe and we really don't have this process of "dating". We don't even have a word for it. When someone asked for the first time if I wanted to go on a date, I'm like "What do you mean"? When it was explained to me what dating is, I was like, "Wow". I come from a completely different world.

MS: At first I wasn't sure what to make of the song and then I realized you were poking fun at "Dating".

MP: Well, what do you do? I decided to have fun with it. French people don't even know what "Dating" is. (laughs)

MS: So what is it French people do then to connect?

MP: You meet people and if you are really interested, you feel it in your heart and you like that person and you feel the potential. You and that person would go together, go have dinner, get to know each other, then you get to talk to the person and see if you feel something.

MS: Basically, you are saying you just like that one person and you go for it.

MP: Yeah, you are exclusive right away and if you want out later that's fine. Not every relationship works. You are with that one person and not so many people at the same time. In America it's like Wednesday it's Sabrina, Thursday it's Marsha. (laughs)

MS: I must have been born into the wrong culture because that's what I like to do, too.

MP: Part of what I like to do is challenge cultural norms, break down boundaries.

MS: You have quite the futuristic vibe about you, I've noticed.

MP: Those futuristic elements came from the fact that I didn't have parents when I was growing up. I was rescued by the church, two priests raised me. Usually, when you come from a church background people always think you are conservative, and you name it. But, on my side I was not really pushed towards any religion or anything like that, so from where I am coming from the church was good for me.

MS: It's interesting that you are so positive about religion and I mean no disrespect, but the Catholic religion in particular has a reputation for being way too conservative.

MP: Luckily, the French people are very open. So I was raised very non-conservative. Remember, I was raised by two men, so I consider myself a gay man inside my body. (laughs)

MS: Well, you do look like a drag queen in your video. (laughs)

MP: Yes, that's how I feel because I never had a female role model when I was growing up. But I was rasied by two great men who were very good role models. So I don't feel chained in by convention. I feel like I am everyone and everything, whatever you want me to be, a guy or a girl, I'm that!

MS: Talk about your "alien".

MP: I feel like an alien because as a child I was rejected everywhere. I wanted to turn that negative experience into a positive; as an alien I do what I want and make my statement everywhere I go.

MS: Love it!

MP: A lot of people in the world are excluded from groups because of their sexuality, or whatever else, God knows. I want to bridge the gap and make people accepted the way they are. People are valuable the way they are. There are no rules to being male or female and that you act this way or that way, blah, blah, blah... (laughs) Your parents are doctors, and then you should become a doctor? No, there are no real rules.

MS: What's intereting to me is I have seen a lot of comparions about you online to Lady Gaga. Honestly, your message and your theatrics remind me more of David Bowie.

MP: David Bowie is great! But I don't want to be compared to anybody. I am an individual. I also respect every single artist. My belief is every single artist is unique.

MS: I mentioned Bowie because he always had a futristic vibe and broke down sexual boundaries like you do.

MP: Ya know, lots of people tell me I look like Lady Gaga, and think I don't, but I always say "thank you". It's something I can never explain; maybe she was my sister in another life. (laughs)

MS: You two have a simliar energy, but as far as your vision for your music goes you are way more Bowie than Gaga.

MP: It's so flattering to compared to both.

MS: Music came into your life as an escape, correct?

MP: As a child I didn't know what a "star" or money was, all I knew was survival. Even walking was weird for me, bacuse people would look at me and say "She doesn't walk normal". I was always singing and writing all these songs, but when I was child of course it was about chocolate and ice cream and lollypops, not about being "Ur Ma B*tch".

MS: You know, I played that song on your website. (laughs) Who could resist a title like that?

MP: Hey it's like why do men call women bitches all the time? Let's turn it around! Let's break the rules! "You're my bitch, get on your knees!" (laughs)

MS: It's great you break society's conventions, we need more of that in the world. Where does the inspiration for those lysics come?

MP: They just come. Plus I never got to play as a child, I always had to be an adult. I always had to be on my guard. The songs that come to me always have an element of fun. But, at the same time, I always have message behind the song.

MS: Your perspective is awesome!

MP: Well, when you didn't have a life where you could nurture your inner child, to have the opporunity is great! You should always grow, and turn every negative into a positive.

MS: Hey, Marie.

MP: Yes?

MS: Keep on going, your message is hot!

MP: When you take care of your inner child you take care of the adult.

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