Monsieur Job Presents the 120 Song Opus: W.T.F!

Posted Nov. 24, 2021

Hit-makers unleash a lengthy masterpiece of worldly adventure

Monsieur Job Presents the 120 Song Opus: W.T.F!

Burgeoning Colombian superstars Monsieur Job, who regularly chart on the Billboard Latino Top 40 alongside artists like Maluma and Karol G, have released the new album "W.T.F!" boasting hit after hit. The supersized (120 tracks!) release has already spawned 5 hit singles that climbed to #3 on iTunes' Top 40 US Jazz Songs chart, a historic achievement for a Colombian artist. The group is tied with J Balvin for most hits (12) from a Colombian artist on Billboard's Latin Digital Song Sales list for this year. Instant hits "Backstabbers" and "Piel Roja," charged tunes "No More War" and "Another Casualty," and dance-floor shakers "S.O.S. Siloe (feat. Jhomba c4) (Remix)" and "Chiki Chiki Bau Wau feat. Leu2 (Remix)" alongside 10 (tracks 98-107) psychedelic remixes of 2020 Billboard hits make W.T.F! not just an essential listen, but a masterwork that will elevate Monsieur Job to new heights.

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Hip-Hop and Jazz have never had as strong a relationship as they do on "W.T.F!" Monsieur Job's latest release fuses the two with Latin flair and sensibilities, as well as Contemporary R&B, Trap, Reggaetón, Dancehall, Reggae, Rockaton, Drum & Bass, Dance, House, Funk, Dub, Soul, Jazz, Classical, Global, Ambient, Cinematic, Experimental, Spanish Rock, Gothic Rock, Classic Rock, Pop, Twerk, Pop, and Soul.

W.T.F! is loaded with love and lust. The group serenades a soul-captivating love on "Malevo Maleva," comparing her beauty to a garden of flowers, then things heat up on "Estoy Ready Pa' Ti," a plea for a woman to undress and get busy. Monsieur Job needs less talk and more action, which is most clear on "Entra Pero Come Callao" with the desire to make a meal out of a hotel room lover.

Any great love story involves tragedy, and such is the case here. The thumping remix for "Problemas (feat. Ruzzo)" paints love as a complicated affair, unpacking the woes and circus tricks of a manipulative relationship, while the soulful ballad "There Is Nothing I Can Do to Forget You" longs for love lost. "Quiero Darte la Mano (feat. Tito Murillo) (Remix)" addresses the tragic COVID-19 pandemic, the isolation it inflicted on humanity and our collective longing to touch one another safely again.

With rich and thick production, multiple electronic percussive elements blend masterfully with various vocals on the downtempo ballad "Al Oído," then Caribbean flavor seeps out of the Reggae knockout "Got to Keep on Movin'," banging bass and subtle strings lay the bed for the sensual "Like an Animal" and warm tones and stereo panning on instill an irresistible groove on "Perdidos en el mar... Buscándote."

Without any words, the group invites listeners to a world of their own with unforgettable instrumental adventures like "Backstabbers," a mid-tempo, cool breeze stroll gives way to dread of what may lurk around the corner, "Varanasi," a masterclass in strings with electric guitars, sitars, and mandolines playing countermelodies each as beautiful as its predecessors, and "Another Casualty," where somber keys are forced to soldier on and march to the pounding of the drums.

Wailing horns search for answers and identity on "Piel Roja" amidst tribal percussion and electronic Hip-Hop elements. These answers are perhaps found on "The Guiding Light," the group's latest heat-seeking missile on the charts, with horns confidently striding on a path to otherworldly liftoff.

"W.T.F!" is enlightened with all-star performances from Benjamin Mosquera, Ruben Aragon, Miguel Salazar, Laura Viteri, Camilo Mina, David Guerra and Abstain Caviedes (Monsieur Perine) as well as Carlos Zapata and Eduardo Manuel - who tour with Groupo Niche - Abstain Caviedes from Monsieur Perine and Leo Jaramillo and Juan Moreno of Monsieur Job.

W.T.F! is Monsieur Job's magnum opus, a masterpiece made of bass-banging mountains and heartfelt valleys, where contagious remixes stand proudly alongside instrumentals of beauty all forged by the fires of world class musicians. With several chart-climbing singles, "W.T.F!" is a crowned jewel garnering praise and reverence for its creators.