Young Guv Releases New Single "She's A Fantasy"

Posted Oct. 15, 2019

GUV II Coming October 25 On Run For Cover Records; Playing NYC, CHI (2 Nights), PHL, BOS With Vivian Girls

Young Guv Releases New Single

Young Guv gives us another glimpse into his forthcoming album with "She's A Fantasy", which was cowritten with James Matthew VII. GUV II serves as a sequel collection to this summer's GUV I. The double LP series is a collection of profoundly poignant and infectious pop tunes with choruses you'll never forget and lyrics whose dry wit and understated acuity will knock you flat.

GUV II sees its release next Friday on Run For Cover. He plays NYC, Philadelphia, Boston and two nights in Chicago with Vivian Girls this month. See below for a full list of dates and for pre-order info.

Young Guv
Run For Cover
October 25, 2019

1 - She's A Fantasy
2 - Try Not To Hang On So Hard
3 - Caught Lookin'
4 - Trying To Decide
5 - Forgot To Feel
6 - Can I Luv U In My Own Way
7 - Song About Feeling Insane
8 - Can I Just Call U
9 - Can't Say Goodbye

Young Guv Live Dates:

10/17: Brooklyn, NY - Warsaw ^
10/18: Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church ^
10/20: Somerville, MA - ONCE Ballroom ^
11/1: Chicago, IL - The Empty Bottle ^
11/2: Chicago, IL - The Empty Bottle ^

^ w/ Vivian Girls

"She's A Fantasy" Lyrics

from a lonely heart i've been dying to write this
she's just some thoughts in my head
she came and went
from a sea of nothingness
send her a card to her last known address
i'll take a shot if she she exists
we've never met
just a shadow during sunset
i traveled far just to see her smile
in the front seat of a car
and in that moment things finally made sense to me

she's in my day dreams
i see her hiding in the seams
a freak like a ghost to me
we might never be
cuz she's a fantasy

i remember the last time i felt like this
i was in the wilderness i was a mess
and a canyon was burning
under her wings it all brought me here again
where i can dream and pretend
theres a connection
ya i been looking for a friend
for many years and miles
in the river isles
she can find me in the end
but as of now she only exists to me

Photo By: Tristan CM

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