Emerging Hip Hop Lyricist Tay Toe Presents New Single "Meet Again" and Album "Habits and Setbacks" - Available Now

Posted Dec. 12, 2022

Emerging Hip Hop Lyricist Tay Toe Presents New Single

Salt Lake City-based and Los Angeles-bred hip hop artist TAY TOE presents the new single "Meet Again," from his album "Habits and Setbacks," available now on all the major music services.


Inspired by versatile, intelligent rappers like Mac Miller, hip hop upstart Tay Toe is one to watch. Like many young Americans, Tay Toe spent his teenage years living with anxiety and depression. He began writing music as therapy, but actually performing it live was a big step for him. However, once in his element, it's plain to see Tay Toe was born for the stage.

"There's something special about connecting with a random person because of a song you created."

Starting out as just a fifteen-year-old kid with a laptop, a microphone, and a dream, Tay Toe has been making a deep impact on the hip hop landscape for the past decade with clever lyrics and block rockin beats. With "Habits and Setbacks" it's clear he's ready to break through to mainstream notoriety.

"I only write when I'm inspired because I want my music to be meaningful."

You can catch Tay Toe live all around Salt Lake City, Utah and the surrounding states with plans for a west coast excursion in 2023.