Poetic, Dark Pop Single "Tonight" From Emmrose Reflects on Love and Heartbreak

Posted Oct. 15, 2019

New single showcases Emmrose's rising talent, premiered on Teen Music Insider

Poetic, Dark Pop Single

NEW YORK CITY | September 20, 2019 - Pop singer-songwriter Emmrose shares her emotive new single "Tonight" with the world today. An intense and serious melody reflects on the intoxicating draw of a crush, the anxiety of waiting for reciprocation, and flurry of emotions that become unearthed once a sliver of vulnerability is revealed. Starting as a soft, piano-led ballad, the track swells in slow, suspenseful layers, cresting into a powerful and unforgettable melody. Introspective and immersive, "Tonight" takes listeners on an emotional journey of young love.

The track follows a narrative perspective of being at a party; trying to fit in, feeling self-conscious, and realizing your crush is also in attendance. "Tonight was heavily inspired by one moment/memory I semi-created in my head. I was at party where I didn't really know many people there. It was dark and the music was crazy loud... I just felt like I didn't belong," shared Emmrose. "Most of the first verse is about this guy I really liked, and trying to hide the fact I was still into him. As I wrote more of the song, I remembered seeing him there at a party. The night was memorable because while I was feeling alone and semi-ostracized, I also didn't want him to notice. Another night I remembered him saying that my eyes 'light up like the morning sky' - a small romantic moment I'll always remember him saying."

A delicate dance of flirtation, hesitation, and guessing each others emotions is involved, while also reflecting on the anxiety of revealing such emotions, wondering if they'll be reciprocated. It's all followed by the confusion of what's left unsaid. "I feel like eyes, and how people look at you, can tell you a lot about a person. The way he looked at me across the room - it told me everything and nothing all the while," mused Emmrose.

The lyrics go on to tell the story, of trying to "dance away the uptight", followed by moving to a quieter location in an attempt to talk, only to find that the music is still too loud to carry a conversation - but wondering if there was anything to say anyway. "It's that whole cliché line of "can we go somewhere quieter to talk" and it's obvious that you're doing anything but talking," shared Emmrose. "I guess having moments like that seem like an escape. Being alone with someone - even in that way - are better then just being alone. Especially when you're in love with them. My favorite line in the song is also the most poetic. "That's love when you fall, all at once and none at all."

As the lyrics reflect in a dream-inspired sequence, "Maybe it's just this is all too much, is this even happening, your touch is evaporating, can you repeat what you said again..." reveals the true nature of the song - Emmrose's love was real, but it was never reciprocated; her dreams are crushed as reality blurs. Going into the final chorus, she shares how the singles dynamic shifts. "It's more fed up with what's happening, telling more of the truth of how I was feeling at the time. But then more romantic, saying that I would endure the stress and anxiety if he would be with me, more importantly love me. (He never did)."

Over the course of the track, "Tonight" tells a story of love; from the spark of a crush, to idealized, hopeful romance, and bittersweet acceptance of moving on. At only sixteen years old, Emmrose's lyrics often provide a deeper reflection and awareness of emotion and self than many adults could provide. Producer/engineer Michael Abiuso (Behind the Curtains Media) shared, "After collaborating with Emmrose on a number of tracks, we really hit our stride with "Tonight" and have become really attentive as to what sonically makes us both excited." Every listen of the single provides a new discovery of intricate touches, from the strike of a match, to layered string instrumentals, and Bond-inspired guitar melodies. Heavily poetic and always introspective, Emmrose's song-writing continues to blossom.

"Tonight" is out on all digital platforms today including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

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