Indie Alt-Pop Duo Cardiac Half Share New Single & Music Video "City Lights"

Posted Oct. 1, 2019

New single and accompanying video celebrate the intoxicating rush of new love

Indie Alt-Pop Duo Cardiac Half Share
New Single & Music Video

ATLANTA | September 27, 2019 - Smoothly delicious and emotive, indie alt-pop duo Cardiac Half share their new single "City Lights" today. A slow-pulsing, yet powerful melody leads the way, for an intensely emotional track that follows the intense surge of exploring new love. Set against the backdrop of a bustling city, the rest of the world is closed out, and there's only tonight to live for.

Swelling into a memorable pop single, "City Lights" celebrates the sweeping intoxication of new love, with extremely relatable lyrics and addictive melody. "The primary theme in City Lights is love, absolutely. There's also a dreamy element to the song in the sense that the characters are high class for one night," shared vocalist/keyboardist Drew Miller. "They're living life large, doing what they want, whenever they want. Money and sleep, none of it matters for this one night. Tomorrow will come, and then they'll just be your average Joe's. But even if tomorrow were to never come, they'd still have each other."

A celebration, promise, and open reflection to reveling in the joy of the moment, the lyrics say it all: "City lights dancing in your eyes, city lights up on the high rise, you looking so fine tonight, kiss me and sparks will fly... brighter than the city lights." Blending together a call for a care-free spontaneity and celebration to live in the moment is backed with the promise of eternal, unconditional love for whatever is to come.

Cardiac Half is more than your average pop group - the duo, Drew and Dylan Miller, are brothers. Influenced by variety of alternative, pop and electronic artists, they craft intensely personal, emotive, and downright addictive melodies. They shared, "City Lights was a tough one as far as recording in the studio goes. We thought we had an idea of where we wanted to take it before going in, but then we couldn't agree on certain things like the groove or song structure." The track went through a few modifications, before they found the perfect fit. The result builds a directly personal, intimate delivery, full of simple yet addictive pop hooks. "Huge thank you to our producer Ryan Wilson of Hey Hey Studios for being patient with us. We couldn't be more proud of where the song is."

In a frustrating moment, the band was forced to shoot the video with some last minute on-the-fly changes and DIY modifications. "Originally, we were going to focus more on the upscale and dreamy side of the song with a music video that featured synchronized movements in a high-rise, but due to some last minute personnel changes, we had to scrap that plan and come up with a new one. Props to Bryan Bishop aka Bishop the Director for coming up with a great storyline at the last second and executing it flawlessly. Also big shout out to KateLynn Newberry. She was phenomenal, and we were lucky to have her on set, seeing as how she's a successful actor who's been in over fifty films. Our friends also deserve a thank you as well for coming out and filming the coffee house scene with us. We had a blast, made a splash, and yeah, I think we all agree that pool sequence was by far the most fun to shoot. I mean who doesn't like falling into a pool on camera?"

The simplicity of the video works to increase its reliability - of getting lost in the moment, and forgetting your worries for one night, with the love of your life. It's a key part of Cardiac Heart's music, as they continue to share emotional and memorable melodies. With further singles to be released in coming months, and a full album in the works for 2020, Cardiac Heart have a lot going for them, as they continue to carve out their path both in their home city of Atlanta, and beyond. "City Lights" is out everywhere today, including Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and Amazon Music.


Sept. 27 - Bank Street - Griffin, GA
Oct. 12 - Harvest Hoe Down - Warm Springs, GA
Oct. 18 - Halloween at the Hangar - Newnan, GA
Nov. 8 - Bank St - Griffin, GA

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