Take a Wistful Walk Down Penny Lane With Jeff Lake & Cellophane Flowers

Posted Dec. 5, 2020

Tantalizing Troupe Presents Gorgeous Classical Renditions of Beatles Favs

Take a Wistful Walk Down Penny Lane With Jeff Lake & Cellophane Flowers

"Penny Lane," the new release from singer/songwriter Jeff Lake and his classical music compadres in Cellophane Flowers, is available now on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, and all the major music services. Hard copy CDs are also due to be released to retail in January.



Jeff Lake & Cellophane Flowers put a new spin on the music of The Beatles by turning to an older form of music - classical music!

The group replaces electric guitars with violins and cello for its core sound while adding traces of modern production, acoustic guitar and Lake's smooth vocal delivery. While tracks such as "Penny Lane" take a minimalistic baroque-era approach - string quartet and voice - other tracks such as "Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows" are a psychedelic joy ride. "Sugar Plum Lucy" is a delightful fusion of Tchaikovsky with elements of both The Beatles and Elton John versions of "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds". And "Honey Pie" will transport you to the bygone era of cabaret and vinyl. Whether you're a Beatle fan or not, this album is a fresh take on music written over 50 years ago. Cellophane Flowers of yellow and green forever.

Be sure to check out the next, few virtual shows at The Fest for Beatle Fans on Facebook.

On Friday, 12/11, ring in the Holidays with the CELLOPHANE TRIO performing unique arrangements of seasonal Beatle classics such as "Happy Xmas" and "Wonderful Christmastime".

And on Friday, 1/22, join us for a VIRTUAL CD RELEASE PARTY for the Penny Lane CD package.

In addition to their highly-respected and wildly successful all-Beatle show (The Beatles Are Bach) you can also catch CELLOPHANE FLOWERS performing two astounding additional shows:

THE SONG BOOK OF ROCK (a variety of many classic rock artists)

THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES - perfect for this Holiday season!