Pleasure or Pain? Singer/Songwriter Robert Eberle Releases "Novocaine"

Posted May. 2, 2021

Lush Lyrics and Brooding Bass Give Listeners an Aural Fix

Pleasure or Pain? Singer/Songwriter Robert Eberle Releases

Emerging singer/songwriter Robert Eberle is set to release his new single "Novocaine" to Spotify and all major services on Friday, April 30, 2021.


Produced by Donnie Klang, the winner of MTV's "Making The Band" and producer who has worked with artists like Madison Beer and Sky Katz, Novocaine is Eberle's second single release this year.

Featuring elements of lo-fi pop, alternative and pop rock to create a dark-but-upbeat vibe, "Novocaine" is ultimately about a relationship falling to pieces. Picture this, you've just gotten out of a relationship that was very all over the place all the time. After the breakup, you can't figure out whether you love or hate the person. You keep going through the memories that you made together and realized that person really just numbed your pain.

Robert Eberle is a young, versatile singer and songwriter. Robert writes all of his own music, lyrics and works with various producers to create unique moments within his songs. Each one of Eberle's songs are stories and moments into his life and others around him.

Influences from an eclectic group of artists such as Finneas and Billie Eilish, all the way to Madison Beer and Panic! At the Disco, have helped to create Eberle's genre-bending, darker alternative to traditional rop rock.