Elektragaaz Unveils "The Synaesthetic Picture Show Now Playing, Pt. 2"

Posted Jun. 10, 2021

Following the debut EP, "The Synaesthetic Picture Show Now Playing, Pt. 1," the second highly-anticipated Elektragaaz EP is out June 8 on AIS Records via The Orchard

Elektragaaz Unveils

The release of "Pt. 2" follows hard on the critical success of "Part 1," the initial release in what is planned to be a series of ongoing gifts of fine musical madness from Elektragaaz. Reviewers for "Pt. 1." have weighted in with such comments as "a whirlwind of sonic energy... joyous atmospheric harmony," "a towering lunge toward the heavens," "spectacular... blows our mind," "sharply written, gleaming," and "fabulous... truly excellent."

The group headed by the mysterious and reclusive young Frisian composer Poppo Redband, or Redband as he is generally known, features a raft of the finest up-and-coming and most musically literate young talents in the New York metropolitan area, plus a fair sprinkling of seasoned old hands. The music is a cinematic mix of electronic music and instrumental music referencing genres as diverse as indietronica, eletro-pop, funk, jazz, rock, dance, club, techno and classical music. Much of the cinematic color of the music apparently comes from the unique vision of Redband who is said to actually see music as shapes and colors as well as hearing the music as he composes.

In addition to musical references, the Elektragaaz sound references a broad swatch of popular cultural references including film noir, space operas, comic books and video games, a reflection of Redband's intense interest in popular culture.

The latest Elektrgaaz EP will be available on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and every major music platform.

Here's a free preview of "The Synaesthetic Picture Show Now Playing, Pt. 2" on Soundcloud. Or you can listen on Spotify.