Monsieur Job Releases New Album: Música Para Mí Madre

Posted Jul. 30, 2021

Record and Planned Theatrical Production Dedicated to the Positive Influence Bandleader Toby Halguin's Mother - and Mother Earth - Have Had on His Musical and Spiritual Evolution

Monsieur Job Releases New Album: Música Para Mí Madre

It was announced today that Monsieur Job has released their new album "Música Para Mí Madre". The inspiration for the record came from the long history of support, encouragement and wisdom imparted by the 82 year old Mother of founder and creative director of Monsieur Job, Toby Holguin. To hear him tell it, she has been a true guiding light for his life and career; his original appreciation of art and culture comes from her and other close family members, and this recording is a full-throated tribute to that. The title is also one of dual meaning and purpose, as "Madre" could also mean "Madre Tierra," or "Mother Earth," and there is something growing under the surface - these songs are a lead into a theatrical circus presentation that is currently in production based on the sounds and themes of the music and storyline.

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Influenced by artists like Miles Davis, Art Blakey, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, and many others in the jazz world, "Música Para Mí Madre" contains many choice cuts, some of which include the rollicking opener "Capri," which calls to mind the reggaeton genre while also harkening to more traditional latin rhythms and melodies, the drum and bass meets jazzy horn vibe of "Backstabbers," the darker, industrial inspired string arrangements of "Irony," the reggae downtempo beat and wind instrument heavy "Soul Slurp," the dramatic crescendo building dynamic "Rapsodia," the old-time sounds of dixieland made new in "Da Funk" and "Corre Caballito," which was actually written by Toby's mother when he was born, and now has been made into a truly moving ballad, completing the inherited musical circle of a mother and sons talent coming together.

Listen and you will find that these tunes are emotional, they are dynamic, with genre jumping melodies in funk, jazz, Ramp;B and soul, mixed with sounds from the Middle East, Indian "Bollywood" music assisted by Bollywood Director Pritam, and Africa. "Música Para Mí Madre" creates a movie in your head that keeps you interested in finding out what happens next. Toby Holguin and Monsieur Job want you to open your ears, get tangled in a dream, and lose yourself in the music!

Some of the best and most accomplished musicians from the region participated in the creation of this special project, including members of Monsieur Job, Leo Jaramillo (clarinet, gaita, saxophone), and Juan Moreno (guitar), plus fantastic performances by Carlos Zapata (trumpet and guitar), Edgardo Manuel (trombone and violin), David Guerra (guitar), Abstain Caviedes (trombone), Miguel Salazar (acordeón) and Camilo Mina (saxophone, xylophone, clarinet, percussion efx). Carlos and Edgardo tour with Groupo Niche as invited musicians. Musica para mi madre was written and produced by Toby Holguin for Basswalk Latino.